Darren from Uncover Australia

Darren from Uncover Australia Visits Our Call Centre Team

A few weeks back our team had a really special visit from Darren Thomas from Uncover Australia. Darren has been a customer with us for many years and is almost finished the build on his amazing new 79 Dual Cab. It only took a suggestion from one of our team Cody, who was quoting the 79 up, and he had booked in a time and a day to come to our Maroochydore call centre and give the guys a good look at his very thoughtfully put together rig.  

Like everyone, Covid has meant that our team couldn’t get out for a wheel or even to the various events we attend, so they took their sweet time poring over every nook and cranny! In catching up with Darren afterward, he said he was “amazed at the setup and blown away by the team who I’ve relied on and called for so many different reasons over the years – it was nice to show them the new rig and I learnt a thing or two about insurance too!” 

Darren is set to take his amazing 79 as remote as he can over the next few years, confident in the knowledge that he is well covered for his entire investment. 

We’re sure we’ll be seeing him around the traps soon! 

Happy Touring, 


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