Ken’s Custom BT-50

One of our customers, Ken, is an enthusiastic off-road traveler, with a preference for remote area travel.  He’s built a pretty special Mazda BT-50 when he found that tenting in remote areas was challenging because of the terrain and the difficulty finding clear flat ground when you are really remote. He also didn’t want the hassle of having to tow a Camper Trailer, or to climb into a rooftop tent!

His solution?  Build a custom Canopy and kit it out as a Camper!

Ken’s Camper is permanently attached, and divided into two sections.  The front section houses the second spare wheel, water storage, auxiliary battery, fridge and cooking essentials plus much more and the rear larger section the sleeping area.

Looking at the vehicle closed up the canopy looks like many others. However, open the “gull wing” doors and two innerspring mattress beds pull out. Then the roof lifts up to reveal a roomy sleeping area.

While it looks like just another BT-50 with a canopy, this thing is anything but!

We love the setup Ken – and we’re sure people will have lots of questions! 

Ken’s won a $50.00 voucher to our Safety Shop for sharing his rig and his story.  You too can share yours – email with your story and photos.  If we publish it, you get a $50.00 Safety Shop voucher!

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Comments 11

  1. This thing is brilliant!!!
    I’m curious, what did it cost for the camper and who did the work?
    I want one! That said, I’m single so only need one bed.

    1. Hi Stephen,
      I built the back.
      I am retired so I will not being going into business making them but I do it for my own enjoyment. That said I would always sell this one and I would build another.

  2. Very impressive. what a great build. Who did all the work on the rig? Roughly how much to do all this and is there anything you would do differently? I assume you have tried the set-up out in” the bush”.

    1. Thanks Micheal and Roger,
      I recently visited the Culgoa Flood Plains National Park. Massive bull dust and plenty of challenging roads. No dust got in anywhere and even in minus temperatures we were warm in the camper. I have not separated the cost of the back from the complete vehicle as I had no intention of building on demand. The base vehicle is a Mazda BT50 XT cab chassis. Suspension has been upgraded giving a 60mm lift, OME BP51 shocks, 140ltr longrange tank, bullbar with side steps, 12000lb Carbon Whinch, snorkel, additional fuel filter all fitted by ARB.
      Supa Peg Supa Wing awning, great awning made in Australia and great service from Supa Peg, Rhino roof rack with 40″ light bar plus more.
      Should anyone be interested in the vehicle the price would be around $120k complete as is.
      Check out my Facebook page Ken Blacklock

    1. I did David. I am a retired boat builder and have a lot of contacts so was able to get access to all the necessary machinery and tools to build the back.
      It took a very large amount of thought to make everything come together.
      I am trying to put a Facebook page together L.O.F.T 4X4 but I am not very good at that so look out for it.
      Thanks for your interest

  3. Brilliant idea, well thought out and beautifully constructed, one of the best I have ever seen.
    Wishing you happy and safe travels always.

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