Crispy pork belly bites with apple cider reduction

Article from The Offroad Adventure Show


1 x large Pork Belly
2 x cans apple cider (sweet cider works best)
Sesame Oil
Rice Bran oil


Prepare your Pork Belly by cutting into bite-sized pieces

In a cast-iron camp oven, put a drizzle of Rice Bran Oil into the oven and heat it up

In a frying pan over medium heat pour in your cider and add two table spoons of sesame oil

Set the temp on your reduction to a slow simmer, and stir often enough so that the bottom doesn’t catch to the pan. This will need at least a couple of hours to reduce to something with a thick, sauce-like consistency

Once your camp oven is nice and hot, pop the pork belly in and season generously with salt and pepper

Cook your pork belly through, and then add it to the apple cider and sesame reduction

Stir through until the reduction has a slightly sticky consistency and serve as the perfect happy-hour snack

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