Covering your gl-ass at the Big Red Bash

So, you’re likely to know by now we will be attending the Big Red Bash for this year. Hopefully, anyone who is coming is completing their pre-trip checks and getting there setups right, because it’s getting close! That is if you haven’t left already!

The last time we attended was in 2016, a long time between drinks. During that trip, we had a fair few people including customers come up to us asking for help to get glass repaired – we did the best we could, being out of range – arranging for claim lodgements and trying to get glass ready from partners like ARB for broken canopy glass. This year we are coming a little more prepared!

The number of times we saw duct tape and cardboard concoctions on rear windshields was remarkable – so we are bringing along some patch kits for those of you who may have broken, shattered or cracked glass on your rig. Made up of a one-way vinyl, our stickers will be large enough to go across a windscreen or any other glass on your rig. Not a long-term solution but should help to reinforce cracked or shattered glass until you can get a repair or replacement done. All we ask is that you take a photo and tag us in it when you get it on.

We will be bringing along a limited number of these to the bash as a kit with a squidgy and trimming blade – so make sure you get over to see Leo at the Club 4X4 stand if you need one!

Happy Touring

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  2. Hi Kalen, guest what, I am one of those unlucky 4wd drivers who received an unwanted gift from a 4wd driver who didn’t know the shared road etiquette, by slowing down and moving to the shoulder, on the single stretch of bitumen. I have a crack in my windscreen, on the passenger side.
    I am heading to the Big Bash 2018. My mate and I are sitting in the caravan park listening to Jackie sing at the Western Hotel at Windorah.
    I will see Leo tomorrow and how do I start the claim process with 4×4 insurance?
    Cheers Douglas

    1. Oh no! Sorry to hear Douglas. I guess it is all part of the adventure to the Bash.

      In case you are not aware, your policy includes 1k worth of emergency repairs that you can do at Birdsville roadhouse if need be. (This will be outside of the glass cover).

      I have sent you an email to get the claims process started and assuming reception is not an issue if you can respond with your best contact number we can take it from there.

      Enjoy the bash!

  3. Hi All,
    I have a big crack in my windscreen on the drivers side.
    How do I go about making a claim as I have taken out extra cover for such thing and will it affect my policy
    Guy Balasso

    1. Post

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