Cover for full-time travellers – Caravan and Trailer policy changes

Much like the updates that we provided last week around our specialist 4X4 Motor Insurance product, our Camper Trailer, Slide on and Caravan Policy has also had some time in the shed for some tweaks.

One of the biggest bugbears from the market about our Caravan and Camper Trailer Insurance Policy since it was introduced, was that we couldn’t insure anyone who permanently lived in their van or trailer whilst travelling the country.

Who doesn’t love the comfort of travelling with a home away from home?

The intent was always to encourage and support touring, so living permanently in the van whilst static was and still is, not our target. Inadvertently though, our wording was precluding those of us who were touring indefinitely. This created a real misalignment with our Corporate Vision To be the Insurer of Choice for the 4X4 Touring Enthusiast; particularly in a time when more and more of us are entering the hobby.

As a result of this review, I am pleased to announce that our Camper Trailer, Slide-on and Caravan policy will now cover those of you who are lucky enough to be on the road, even if you have no end date in sight for your trip; as long as you are travelling or touring. 

Touring with the Tvan on Moreton island recently

We also took the time to adjust a few other issues along the way. We’ve clarified cover for your annexe even when it isn’t erected, and also simplified wording in relation to the requirements for claiming for theft of personal possessions.  Our old PDS required the items to be stolen from a locked (with a key) space.  Given the explosion in Camper Trailer sales and the fact that many use canvas, not doors, we’ve made the wording more sensible and considerate of that fact.

We’ve also aligned our definitions with the 4X4 Policy wording and tidied some other aspects along the way.

We’ve updated this document with key changes to our Camper and Caravan Policy too

So, if you are lucky enough to be able to travel the country full-time, we can now cover what you tow as well as the tow vehicle! And you’ll save up to 10% by holding 2 or more policies with us.

To find out more give one of our 4X4 touring enthusiasts a call on 1800 CLUB 4X4 (258 249)

Happy Touring


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Comments 8

    1. Malcom,

      We do Camper Trailers, Slide-on Campers and Caravans! And you get up to 10% off your entire policy when you combine multiple assets!

      Give us a call!


    2. Thanks for the comments RM,

      Yes, every insurance product is slightly different. It definitely pays to ask some questions!


  1. All very nice. The policy wording is crucial as i have found after the Halloween monster hail storm in Brisbane . The insurance policy greatly favors the insurer at my expense.

    More to the point however that same storm , while it badly damaged all roofs at my property did not damage my caravan.
    The van is made from a composite material and i feel should have a reduced premium due to it’s reduced risk from hail etc.

    I did ring and inquire about this but was told you don’t do this I point out some others do

  2. From my previous caravan insurance experiences with Club 4X4 you would need to sell your house and go live life on the road to be able to afford the policy. The car insurance policy we have with you guys is great but I don’t understand why the caravan insurance is so unbelievably through the roof

    1. Hi Ian,

      I had to chuckle at the comment 🙂

      The reason why our Caravan policy is expensive is because it affords you the ability to take the off-road Caravan, be it a pop-top or multi axle monster, exactly where you take the fourby.

      That means on and off road, on sand, mud, rocks, water, snow and everything in between, gazetted and non-gazetted and on private property. The risk of damaging a caravan under those conditions is much higher, so the costs are higher. Therefore, in order to offer the product in it’s current format the price will be higher.


  3. So you are saying that caravan insurance is dearer because a caraven can not go where a 4×4 can go.
    But a camper trailer is cheaper because it can.

    Is this correct.?

    1. Hi Michael,

      Not exactly.

      A Caravan can go many places that a 4X4 can go – but the risk of damage is greater due to the obvious size and weight differences.

      Our policies are quite broad in geographic coverage – there’s no off-road excess or extra premium if you take a trailer off-road, and by off-road I mean off gazetted roads.

      In order to provide the coverage we do the risk is higher, hence, so is the premium


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