The Coral Coast

Forget the Cape, forget the Simpson, you need to start planning your next trip here… We’re about to let you in on a bit of a secret. It’s one that those who live in WA …

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Oct 12 2016
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Forget the Cape, forget the Simpson, you need to start planning your next trip here…

We’re about to let you in on a bit of a secret. It’s one that those who live in WA already know about, but if you’re from anywhere east of that State then there’s a good chance you haven’t really considered getting over to the Coral Coast, which runs from Cervantes (a couple of hours drive north of Perth) and follows the Indian Ocean up as far as Exmouth – and it’s pretty much paradise the whole way.

Take it from us; you need to put this place at the top of your ‘go-to-next’ list. It’s seriously that good. Yes, we all want to get (back) to places like the Simmo or the Cape, but this trip is just as good. If not better.

Big call, we know, and we’re certainly not trying to take anything away from either of those destinations; but this is right up there with the best of them. Get your drool napkins ready folks, and fire up your daydream engines while we take you on a trip through one of the most beautiful stretches of coastline on Earth.

Jurien Bay

Jurien Bay is only a couple of hours’ drive north of Perth and is a great place for those who like to soak a bait or jump into the tranquil waters for a swim in the crystal-clear sea. If you’re bringing a boat with you, there’s plenty of launching ramps and if you’ve got the tin lids, there’s even a playground right on the beach.

The Pinnacles

A short way inland from Cervantes, The Pinnacles are fascinating limestone formations in Nambung NP. The foundation for the limestone actually originated in seashells, built up a few million years back when the area was still under water. Some of the spires reach three-and-a-half metres tall and create an eerie, alien-like landscape – which is unlike anything else you’ve seen. Definitely worth the detour inland.

Kalbarri NP

Kalbarri NP has some of the most amazing views in the entire country, hands down. Arguably the most iconic though is Nature’s Window – a naturally formed rock arch frames the Murchison River perfectly and provides a ‘photo op’ like no other. While you’re here, we can highly recommend the 8km Loop Walk Trail, too. Breathtaking!

Francois Peron NP

Francois Peron NP is essentially a place where the desert meets the sea, with red cliffs and azure blue water coming together at a place where every time you turn around you’re presented with another view that looks like it belongs on a postcard. Skipjack Point is a huge drawcard on its own, and it’s only a short distance from Australia’s most western location: Steep Point. This is bucket list stuff folks; you won’t forget it in a hurry.

Ningaloo Reef

If you’re coming from the east or south, Ningaloo Reef is what will make hauling a tinny on top of your camper or behind your rig over those endless desert corrugations worthwhile. While the views from shore aren’t exactly what you’d call unpleasant (in fact they’re pretty bloody brilliant), being able to get out over the endless beds of coral and jumping in the water with countless species of marine life is one of those things that’ll stay with you forever. And oh yeah, there’s a few hundred beaches that are pretty spectacular too!

Dirk Hartog Island

You’ve probably heard of it, but did you know that you can get across on the barge from Steep Point and experience it for yourself with your 4X4? Numbers are severely limited so booking ahead is essential, but it’s one of Australia’s last truly untouched paradises. Fishing, camping and adventure like you’ve never experienced… what are you waiting for?

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