Garlic Prawns

Cooking: Garlic Prawns


500g De-veined king prawns
1 x Cup of diced bacon
3 x Cloves of finely sliced garlic
Half of one red onion finely sliced
Half of a red chilli, seeds removed
5 x Tablespoons of butter
Half a cup of chopped parsley
Extra virgin olive oil
Salt and pepper
Crusty bread


– Add your bacon, garlic, onion and chilli to pre-heated pan and stir. Carefully add a healthy “Sploosh” of olive oil as soon as the ingredients are in and simmer for a minute or so.

– Add the prawns and a generous seasoning with salt and pepper.

– Now add your butter and simmer for another minute or two, until your prawns are cooked through.

– Lastly, add your chopped parsley and toss through.

– Serve with a slice of crusty bread – perfect for soaking up all that lovely butter!


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