Cooking: Burgers




1kg Beef Mince
Mustard, BBQ or Tomato Sauce
Streaky Bacon




Start with a hot OzPig with the BBQ plate on the top, cook off all your filling first until it is nice and caramelised then put it to the side on the warming plate to rest.

While thats cooking get your mince and add some salt and pepper and then a good squirt of your favourite sauce, BBQ, Mustard, Tomato its up to you. Massage it together for about a minute then roll into large balls.

Using a coke can or a beer can push down on the balls and form the meat around the can so you get a nice little bowl of meat. Then wrap bacon around the sides.

Using a wok and a diffuser to make your OzPig an oven place the meat bowls onto the plate, let them cook for around 3-4minutes or until you the mince is browned on the outside. Then add your fillings and some cheese and pickles and cook until the cheese is melted.

Put this burger onto a bread roll and get eating.


This article was originally posted by Off-Road Adventure Show.

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