Club 4X4’s Sydney Hail Storm Response

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If you were anywhere near Sydney last weekend you would have heard about or experienced the significant and damaging storms that swept across the city, leaving pock marks on house walls, roofs and motor vehicles! Like most insurers, we’ve been busy fielding calls from customer’s whose vehicles were damaged by the hail that fell in various suburbs around the city.

With a relatively large number of claims, we’ve setup a triage assessment centre at one of our recommended repairers, President Body Repairs, to go through the assessment process as quickly as possible. This morning we spent some time down there speaking to claimants and supporting our assessment team.

With repairers, including Paintless Dent Repair specials on site, it’s been great seeing customers come in quite distraught at the damage, but walking away comfortable that their pride and joy is in good hands. We hope to get the bulk of the claims authorised and scheduled in for repairs this week.

As always, if you’ve experience damage from a storm, please contact us as soon as possible on 1800 CLUB 4X4 (258 249) as repairers tend to get very busy after catastrophic weather events such as this. We are working towards offering longer opening hours, but if you do call us when we are closed, please note you are authorised to make your vehicle safe, this may include towing it to a holding yard or somewhere where it cannot be damaged or put at further risk – we will reimburse these costs as part of your claim.


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    I am wondering if I can get my daughter insured to drive my 4×4 with your company. She has about 50 hours L plate experience and it would be handy if I could get her covered to drive our 4×4.

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