Club 4X4 Testimonial – Anthony Lupi

A tale of 2 insurance policies.

Club 4X4 Insurance
Oct 16 2016

A tale of 2 insurance policies.

As my 4WD comprehensive insurance was coming up for renewal, I took the opportunity to shop around. I went on line to Club 4×4 and completed an on line quote. It was quite intuitive, and allowed me to choose from multiple options. However the real shock was the price, nearly half that being quoted by my existing insurer.

When I rang the contact number shown on the website, to make sure that I had not made a mistake in getting such a low quote I found I was speaking to someone who understood 4WDs. I was able to get answers to all my questions, and also to make sure that all my additional modifications were adequately insured.

It didn’t take me long to decide to go with better coverage at a much cheaper premium with Club 4×4. And the complimentary subscription to the Club 4×4 magazine was a bonus.

At this point I thought, why not see if Club 4×4 could offer me better value insurance for my off road trailer. Again, I obtained an on line quote – and it too was almost half the price of my current insurance (with a specialist trailer /caravan insurer). I rang Club 4×4 who were able to guide me in choosing the best coverage for my needs and circumstances. At half the price it was a no brainer to switch. I then rang my current insurer to cancel and get a pro rata refund on my current trailer insurance. At six months into the policy, the refund was nearly equivalent to the annual premium from Club 4×4. I was also able to exchange the second complimentary subscription to Club 4×4 for another gift.

Great insurance products at the most competitive prices I have seen! Well done Club 4×4.

Anthony Lupi

Wentworth Falls NSW

(Defender 90 & Complete Campsite Kakadu Camper Trailer owner)

Club 4X4 Insurance