Club 4X4 T-shirt Captions

Are you a creative type? Know a good catchphrase that you’d like to share and maybe even wear?

We are designing some t-shirts to use as giveaways or for purchase in the future as part of a merchandise line.

We’d love to have your thoughts on witty catchphrases or sayings that you’d like to see in the mirror or don on your next big trip!

Here’s your chance – respond in the comments below!

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  1. Just a few thought guys – so here they are
    Insuranceholics Anonymous – Club 4×4
    Let us quote you HAPPY! Club 4×4
    Club 4×4 – The Company you keep
    Club 4×4 Gets you back where you belong
    Uh-oh! Bettter get Club 4×4
    Got Club4x4 – You’re in LUCK
    We all adore our Club 4X4
    When you’ve got Club 4×4 – Flaunt it
    Club 4×4 See More – Do More
    Problem? – The Solution Club 4×4
    Club 4×4 prevents that sinking feeling
    Think Club 4×4 – It’s Friday
    SAVED by Club 4×4
    If there is a will – there is a Club 4×4
    Don’t get Mad – Get Club 4×4
    And on the eighth day – God created Club 4×4
    Don’t leave home without Club 4×4
    Grab life by the Club 4×4
    Because I’m worth Club 4×4
    More Club 4×4 Please!
    Elvis is alive and uses Club 4×4
    I’m not perfect – just insured with Club 4×4
    Love hurts! – Club 4×4 doesn’t!

  2. PC is for Wombats,here’s a coupla zingers you 4wd People!
    Give us Rub if you joined the 4×4 Club.
    Mud is the Blood of the 4×4 Club.
    4×4 Clubbers use Bigger Rubbers.-pic of a zook with 35s
    Toyota Owners Love 4×4 Club 1800INJECTOR
    Jeep Owners Love 4×4 Club 1800HEADGASKET
    Nissan Owners Love 4×4 Club 1800BOGGED
    Jimny Owners Love 4×4 Club 1800HITTASKINK

  3. Snorkels, diff lockers, snatch straps, roof racks, lifts, muddies, steelies, bull bars, winches….

    Only us and Club 4×4 understands.

  4. T shirt caption.
    Hope you find these useful.

    “Get smart and join the club
    CLUB 4×4”


    “ CLUB 4×4
    Where getting bogged is no big hassle “


    “ Don’t come crying to me
    You should have been with club 4×4”

    What about this

    “Truck and trailer
    Insured with
    Club 4×4”

    Then there’s

    It ain’t insured
    Unless it’s with
    CLUB 4×4”

    Always more

    Kind regards
    Col Sheedy

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