Club 4X4 Staff Profile – Sophie

There’s a reason why we are THE insurer for 4X4 Enthusiasts – because WE ARE enthusiasts too! Check out Sophie’s profile below.


First car? – Suzuki swift would have been an early 2000’s model, I won it in a bet with my father. It was great, $15 a tank to fill which lasted a fortnight but it needed a downhill run to hit 100km/h.

First camping experience? – I don’t specifically remember one but as a kid we used to go to a lot of horse events so we were forever camping out at some showground in our swags.

What do you drive now? I currently drive a 2015 Toyota hilux sr5

What’s it got on it? It has a 2in old man emu lift, Torquit performance module, 32in tyres, Tuff Rims, Rola roof racks, Oz trail awning and awning tent.

What is your favourite mod? My favourite would have to be the awning due to its practicality, I spend a lot of time during the summer outdoors by the dam where there is no shade, the awning solves that problem, it doesn’t take up any space and is super easy to set up then come night the awning tent clips on and you’ve got somewhere sheltered to sleep.

What is your favourite track/drive/campsite? Currently my favourite camp site is Copeton dam out near Inverell. I love to go out there for the weekend and do some wakeboarding and jet skiing then at the end of the day sit by the campfire and have a few drinks.

What are your future plans for your setup? The next thing to go on the vehicle will be a light bar, then will probably look at getting a bulbar or canopy.

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Comments 2

  1. Nice rig Sophie, we love the new England area never get sick of it
    ARB bar will set it off, they are not cheap but quality counts I’m glad I fitted one and got it colour coded cheers Glenn+ Janine

  2. Hi Sophie,
    I like the rims on your Hilux, what size are they?
    And with your lift did you need an engineering cert or is it ok as is?

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