Club 4X4 Staff Profile – Jackson

This week we profile Jackson Bonner, our very first and longest serving call centre operator!

  • First car? – A mighty 1993 Mazda 121. Bought for $1,500 many years ago and she is still getting passed around as family and friends come of age!
  • First camping experience? – Tilba, NSW. My brother and I were lucky enough to tag along with our cousins from a young age and it was out there we learnt how to ride trail bikes and get up to all sorts of mischief. We still go every year but now we can cart all of our own gear out there and let the oldies relax finally. Beautiful place with trails for days and days.
  • What do you drive now? – 2008 GU Patrol DX 3.0DT
  • What’s it got on it? It’s slowly growing… Currently have a 3 inch Lovell’s suspension lift with an engineered GVM upgrade, Bridgestone Dueler’s, ARB bull bar, Darche Eclipse side awning, Darche Rooftop tent, Premier Winch………..  and plenty more to come
  • What is your favourite mod? Being in insurance in particular, I understand the importance around how much weight your vehicle can carry and the effect this has on vehicle performance. So for me, the GVM upgrade gives me that extra capacity to carry all of my gear safely and gives me immense piece of mind out on the tracks and confidence to take on some more challenging terrain.
  • What is your favourite track/drive/campsite? – Pretty much anywhere out in the Watagans on the Central Coast of NSW. Lots of great terrain and things to see out there. Always great to stop off in the pine forest and grab something to eat!
  • What are your future plans for your setup? – ELECTRICS. Need to get some dual batteries going so I can run a fridge and some lights, and would also love to get some Gauges and an oil catch can. Other than that I will put some draws and a slide in there but not too much else needed for me as she is already a whole lot of fun to drive!

Jackson Patrol 1

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      Gday Adam,

      Suspension can be upgraded to allow for a larger Gross Vehicle Mass. Many of the accessory manufacturers who provide suspension kits will do it. Take your pick!


      1. Pedders will do a GU Patrol Wagon GVM Upgrade to 3505kg, includes diff laminating and coil tower braces. I had mine done pre-rego on the last of the GU Patrols (Legend 2016). Most of the other suspension mobs are now restricted to a 3300kg max upgrade due to axle limits. Pedders have done the necessary diff strength analysis etc, hence the need for diff lamination etc. Time will tell how the pedders gear holds up, but at least it’s all legal.

        There were a few that got in over the axle limits early on, but I hear the law has toughened up a bit and most will only go to 3300kg now, as they do not have the necessary data for the diff work etc, and would be too expensive for them to engineer it.

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