Club 4X4 Staff Profile – Graeme

This time around, we interview Graeme, another of our call centre consultants.

  • First car? – 1978 Holden Kingswood station wagon. I loved that car. Had a bed in the back and even a 12 volt black and white TV! Went bush in it nearly every weekend. Even went off road.
  • First camping experience? – We used to catch the train up to Mt Victoria on a Friday night and explore the bush around Mt Piddington over the weekends. First time we went, all we took to eat was a loaf of bread and a jar of honey thinking that was all we needed. Boy were we wrong.
  • What do you drive now? I bought an old stock 89 Suzuki Vitara as a hobby a few years ago. It turned into a passion!
  • What’s it got on it? It’s pretty well setup with a 2 inch lift, spotties, dual batteries, upgraded alternator, tyres and rear lighting. Did all the work myself.
  • What is your favourite mod? My favourite mod would have to be my HID spotties. They turn night into day and really reduce fatigue on long trips
  • What is your favourite track/drive/campsite? – Don’t really have a favourite track. But I do have a few places that I’d like to go back to. The Bungle Bungles for one. And Lawn Hill is especially beautiful and peaceful. Pretty much any remote desert waterhole as well. Don’t think I’ve ever been to one I didn’t like.
  • What are your future plans for your setup? – My poor old Zook has been a bit neglected over the last couple of years due to other commitments. I’m planning on getting it back to top touring condition asap as I’ve started planning on a trip up into the gulf country via Camerons Corner, Inamincka, Arabury Station, Haddons Corner, Birdsville, etc, etc. Can’t wait to get back out there!

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