Club 4X4 Staff Profile – Christina

What was your first Car?  Well it was a motorbike, Honda 250VT, quickly followed by a Honda CBR600

First Camping or off-roading Experience? Cronulla Sand Dunes

What Do You Drive Now? Series 3 TD30Di GU Patrol. Mods include a Drawer system, fridge & slide, roof top tent, GVM upgrade, factory bull-bar, winch, 3 inch exhaust, intercooler upgrade and a radiator upgrade

What Is Your Favourite Mod? GVM Upgrade as it helps with towing our van!

What Is Your Favourite Track/Drive/Campsite? Ocean Beach Camping area, Fraser Island.

What Are Your Future Plans For Your Setup? Changes/refinements are ongoing. Upcoming is to complete air intake upgrade and then an ECU remap for towing.

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