Club 4X4 Staff Profile: Bernie

What was your first car?

My first car was a 1979 Ford Falcon XD. It had the 4.1L 250 crossflow engine. Having grown up endlessly flipping through the pages of street machine magazine as a kid, it wasn’t long before a set of 12 slot chromes (10” on the back of course) were fitted to it, and a loud obnoxious exhaust fitted. Yep, I thought I was pretty tough! 

My first 4×4 was a 60 Series Land Cruiser when I was about 18 (Co-owned with my brother). 

First camping or offroading experience?

My first camping experience? I would’ve been about 14 years old. My brother and I used to do a lot of hiking and camping (mainly around the blue mountains). When I was 16 we climbed Mt Kosciuszko… that was an eventful trip. We got lost, froze, and I literally saved my brother while we were trying to negotiate across the Snowy River which had seen unusual amounts of rain for that time of year. He had slipped on a rock in the water and the current washed him down stream some distance before coming to a stop against a big rock protruding the rivers surface. It’s funny what you can accomplish when the adrenaline rush kicks in when you decide to fight instead of fly. 

What do you drive now?

Currently I drive (did drive) a 1999 105 Series Land Cruiser. It’s been off the road for a couple months now due to the engine blowing. I’m working on saving up for a new engine or a new rig. So for now, I’m behind the wheel of a 2001 KA Ford Laser. 

Bernie couldn’t help himself while the ‘Cruiser is out of commission

What has it got on it?

I started building the 105 to be a family tourer (Unlike my previous rig which was a lifted and supercharged Jeep on 35’s). So it’s end goal was to just be a sensible, reliable build. At the moment it’s got a 2” OME suspension kit. Steel rims with 33” muddies. ARB Front bar, brush rails and side steps. Ironman 12,000lb winch. Dual rear wheel carrier. UHF, and a bunch of navigational aids mounted up front for me and the missus, and a couple of spotties up front. 

Bernie’s old flame…

What is your favourite mod?

To be honest, I don’t think I really have a ‘favourite’ mod on the cruiser, it’s more a love of how all the little bits work together to make the whole thing enjoyable. 

What is your favourite track / drive / campsite?

Favourite track…. I’d say there’s a few. I live on the south coast so Yalwal is pretty much our backyard. Monkey Gum is always a fun track to drive, but I love most tracks through that area. 

Nicest campsite I’ve been to so far would probably have to have been Ladies Well out near Barrington Tops. 

Favourite drive… well that’ll have to be the one I’ve been wanting to do for some years now, and that’s crossing the Simpson. Haven’t got there yet, but I’ll get there. 

One of my favourite sayings is “I haven’t been there yet, but it’s on my list”. 

What are your future plans for your setup?

Well, if I end up keeping the cruiser and giving it a heart transplant, then the plans (hopes) would be to convert to a 1HD-FTE (remapped and a slightly bigger turbo). 

Rhino Rack Pioneer roof tray. Replace the rear bar to a better quality one with the provision for a rear mounted winch as well. Twin lockers. Recaro front seats…. I think that’s about it off the top of my head. But realistically, when does a build ever end. There’ll always be something you want to add or change after a while. 

If I end up just having to save up for another rig, well then ask me this same question in a years time. Lol. 

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