Club 4X4 Sponsorship – Toyota Landcruiser Club Willowglen 4X4 Challenge

Club 4X4 PRESS RELEASE – 9th August 2016

Club 4X4 is proud to announce it will be a presenting partner of the 2016 Toyota Landcruiser Club Willowglen 4X4 Challenge.

Willowglen has been an annual feature event for the Landcruiser Club club, and this year celebrates its 15th year of providing 4X4 enthusiasts the opportunity to pit man against machine.

Kalen Ziflian, General Manager of Club 4X4 said, “While many of us use our rigs to tour the countryside and go places where a normal vehicle wont allow, some enthusiasts also have purpose built competition trucks that are designed to be used in challenges such as this. The beauty of an event like Willowglenn is that it also allows the tourer to test out their everyday rig in controlled conditions”.

“Club 4X4 is happy to sponsor an event that fosters responsible driving practises. Public tracks are not the place to conduct this sort of driving, as such events like Willowglen are critical to the 4X4 community. Organisation of and continued involvement in such events will also help with public perception of 4X4 enthusiasts, particularly given the current regulatory climate with closing tracks and irresponsible behaviour” he went on to say.

The event will run over the October long weekend, more information can be found here

Looking forward to seeing you all at the event!

Happy Touring





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