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Benjamin Franklin once said that there were only two certainties in life: death and taxes. I propose a third be added: we are all becoming more and more time-poor. Increased importance is placed on conducting the mundane tasks in our lives as efficiently as possible. These days, “when we want it, how we want” is a basic right of consumerism.

When we were planning what Club 4X4’s insurance offering was going to look like all those years ago, the “how” was deemed just as important as the “what”. Forms, whether they be paper-based or online, really have no place in today’s world, much less in the fast-paced world of Financial Services. Not even we (as seasoned “insurancey” types) can think of anything worse than filling in a form and patiently waiting for a response for something like an insurance quote.

The concept of customer-based design is often flashed around in some circles as a buzzword, but our view was simple: we had to have a system interested customers could access online – on any device they wanted – to get a quote and buy a policy.

As an enthusiast, i know that as enthusiasts, we love our vehicles and love to talk about them! That’s why we also have a top-notch service available on the phone. Yes, even though this article is predominantly about our recent technological investment, we still value old-fashioned phone-based service!

“Forms, whether they be paper-based or online, really have no place in today’s world”

Over the last year or so, at Club 4X4 have been very pleased with the results we’ve been getting through our online quoting function. In fact, the rate at which customers were purchasing through this channel would have made me a very happy camper in my previous corporate roles – 200% happy in fact! Having said this, a great benefit of having customer interactions online is the amount of data there is available to analyse, and analyse we did. We ran surveys and spoke to customers during phone calls and at the various events we’ve attended of late. We even took in feedback on Facebook (more technology!).

The culmination of all this great feedback was us embarking on a three-month project to redevelop our quoting site, which went live today!

The key message we heard was that you didn’t want to enter all of your personal details in the system to get a quote. While we weren’t alone in using this process for policy quotes, we listened and adjusted. The new quoting system won’t require personal details to get a price; an added benefit being that the process of getting a quote is quicker.

Further to this, and as part of the re-launch of our Caravan and Camper Trailer policy which covers caravans, camper trailers, fifth wheelers and slide-on campers (read the article about it here), we’ve flipped quoting for multiple products on its head!

Have you ever tried to get a quote online for your caravan and tow vehicle? You might have found that quoting a mainstream insurer online  would require two separate quotes. This means entering your details twice, getting the price twice, writing the quote number twice… and wait, did they even factor in the multi-policy discount?

With our new quoting system, you can choose to get a quote on one, two or even three items you may own. By carrying over as much information as possible, you can soon have a quote that suits all of your needs and a set of prices which consider the fact that you’re interested in taking up more than one policy with us. Shouldn’t it always be that easy?

Finally, we have implemented a quote summary page which allows you to adjust all of the benefits that make Club 4X4 THE insurer for 4X4 enthusiasts, as well as the usual insurance stuff like excesses and glass cover.

So if you’re already insured with us, we thank you. If you need another policy or would like to try out our new system, please do. As always, we welcome feedback because at Club 4X4, it will never be ignored.

Try our new quote system here

Happy touring.

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  1. Hi there,
    I was looking for a quote on a caravan we have purchased.
    Online last night and it showed I had actually purchased the Insurance. I was surprised, as I thought I was in the quote section.
    Can you please look into this for me.

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