Club 4X4 Product Review – Ultimate 9 Livetrack Stealth GPS Tracker

I recently had the Ultimate 9 Live Track Stealth GPS installed in the Everest and I thought I’d share my thoughts.

The Unit

The unit is quite compact at 100mm by 80mm in size, and about 15mm in height. It has a slot where you install a Sim Card, and two simple wires – one to connect to constant power, and one to earth.  Inside is s high sensitivity GPS receiver with a G-sensor.

When you buy one, it comes with an ALDI sim card, which connects to the Telstra network, and will give you 12 months connectivity for each recharge.  $15.00 of credit will last a year of use I’m told.

It operates off the 3G network, so coverage is best with Telstra (ALDI uses them), but you can use your own network.


Install of the unit is pretty easy but there are a few key steps:

If using the ALDI Sim card (connected to Telstra Network), you’ll need to activate the Sim
Install the Icar app from the App store
  1. Activate sim card and install in unit, and download and setup the Icar app on your phone  – this is as simple as creating an account using the Aldi sim card that come with the unit, activating the sim card, and then installing in the unit.  You’ll need the information in the box with the IMEI number etc to synch the device with the app.
  2. Install the unit in the vehicle – all you need to do is connect the two wires – one to earth and the other to constant power.  It can be hidden behind trims, or underneath the dash – the only consideration is that there isn’t too much metal above the unit which could interfere with the operation. 

Once these are done, you simply turn on the app and check that the app is receiving the GPS Signal.  If you are having issues, it is likely that either the location it is installed is preventing it getting a GPS reading, or the sim card may not have activated yet. 

App Operation

The Icar app is a free download from the app store.  It is a GPS tracker with maps, which will show current location, as well as 7 days of previous locations.  There are a range of settings you can choose, from how often the location is updated (default is 30 seconds), setting Geofence alerts, and more. There is also a parking mode that will increase the sensitivity of the g-sensor inside, and then alert you if the vehicle moves from that location.

The basic view of the location using the Icar App. The parking mode can be activated by selecting the P Icon on the sidebar
The settings page. Here you can share your tracker, change the reporting intervals, name the tracker etc

The great thing here is that you can add multiple devices to the app, and you can also share your location via the app, which means you can see where all of your vehicles are, and history of up to 7 days if you install a unit on each of them too.

The Geofence capability I mentioned before can be set from a 100m radius to a 10km one, depending on your needs, and it can alert you on arriving or leaving the geofence.

It is reasonably intuitive, with instructions being easy to understand.  It is probably not as refined as some more expensive units on the market, but to be honest it provides everything you could really need.

Setting up a geofence to track a vehicle entering or leaving a location…
What the location history looks like. You can track up to 7 days of history, and in the example above there are 602 data points. You can then click into each data point for more specific information


For the price point, this is a very cool piece of gear that would give you some ability to identify a theft as it happens, and potentially track your vehicle in that instance. It is also a cool device to be able to share details of where you are with friends and family, and also to know they are OK.


$299.00 RRP

Where to buy

Reputable Auto stores,

Would you like to see this in the Safety Shop?

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Comments 22

  1. The 3G network is being shut down
    Half of it has already been shut down
    The lifespan of the rest of the network is limited
    The idea is good
    I don’t think it’s worthwhile buying old technology

    1. Not true… All Telstra, Vodafone and Optus phone towers must have at least 3G until June 2024, which is the scheduled shutdown date (for Telstra, others later). They are not allowed to operate a tower without the 3G frequency.
      This tracker will therefore only work until 2024 on Telstra, but likely longer on the other networks.

      The best trackers actually use the CAT-M1 Telstra network which has the best coverage and much lower power consumption. They are a bit more expensive though…
      I got mine from FleetLogix. No hardware cost, just $25pm (12 month minimum) including simcard and cloud hosting with 3 year history storage and geofencing and usage alerts.

      1. Not true
        When the rest of 3G is shut down it’s the whole network
        I’ve been through all this crap before
        When the 2G network was shut down all my customers that had 2G devices had to upgrade
        Do you remember the mobile phone problems when the network was shut down
        As I said it’s obsolete technology
        Ps I don’t think they should be selling this now
        It should be at least 4G

      2. So it’s not true they’re shutting the 3G network
        Or it’s not true it’s old technology
        Ps they’re shutting down the 3G network so it’s frequency can be used for 5G
        So it has to go
        PPS I’m a bit surprised my club , club 4×4 are promoting something that is soon going to be redundant because it’s really not worth it in my opinion

        1. I’m just saying that its not true that “half of the 3G network has already been shut down”. Thats just what the bloke in the Telstra shop will tell you in order for you to upgrade your phone.

          Currently AMTA (The Australian Mobile telecommunications agency) requires all mobile phone towers to have at least the 850MHz 3G frequency active as part of their license agreements. Its all to do with being able to service old Nanna that still uses an old Nokia flip phone to call 000 when she falls over.

          The replacement for the 850MHz 3G base layer is the 700MHz 4G network, which is currently only in major areas. It will slowly be rolled out to all phone towers as we get closer to 2024 but in short they are by law not allowed to turn the 3G frequency off on any phone tower until July 2024. That gives Nanna enough time to upgrade…

      3. Your correct Chris regarding CAT-M1 narrow band. Other devices may also use m2m on 3/4G which is also very reliable. Users of Aldi sims should be aware they may not work within Telstra small cell areas as a colleague found out when traveling through the outback. Another emerging option is IOT using direct to satellite devices.

  2. Unless this tracker works on 4G why would you be promoting a GPS tracker that works on a network that is currently being downgraded and is shutting down in a few years?

  3. Pity it’s 3G as that network is being replaced. Ideally it needs the full spectrum of 3G, 4G & 5G. When it comes in a 4G/5G configuration then it may be worth it.

  4. Such a shame it is not also on the 4G network as well as they may turn off the 3G network very soon. If it works any thing like the one l purchased from Jaycar on the 2G network it would be a no brainer. However they turned that network off 18 months later, not good.

  5. My issue with this is how long will Telstra be supporting 3G?

    In my previous worker spent significant sums on 2G gear only to have Telstra announce the death of 2G within a couple of years.

    This sort of gear needs to be future proof in my opinion.

    1. Post

      Hi Peter,
      I’m confirming 4G compatiblility at the moment . Given the reach of the 3G network, I reckon it will be a while before we see the end of 3G, which is currently scheduled for 2024.

  6. Get a BlackOwl tracker instead. They have Telstra 4G coverage and still have 3G as a backup.
    No point in purchasing something that solely relies old technology, 3G may be around until 2024 but by that point it will be virtually useless.

  7. $299! You’re dreaming… buy an old iPhone4 ($50 these days but many of us have one buried in a drawer) stick in aldi sim, I thinks it’s $30min per year now. Wire in usb charge point somewhere hidden and its done. Use find my iPhone. We have done this for years now.

    1. Make sure that you wire in your 12V to 5V USB plug converter to ignition power only. I wired one in a couple years ago to permanent power and it would drain my battery if the car was parked for longer than 24 hours.

      If you are going to use a phone to track then maybe use a iphone 7 instead because that will work beyond the 3G shutdown in 2024. The replacement for Telstra 3G is the 700MHz 4G frequency, which is only supported on iPhone 7 and beyond.

  8. Nice piece of kit, but at $299 what can it do that an old iPhone with a tracker app can’t do?

    Kudo’s to Aldi though for cheap sim plans .

  9. A good bit of kit and cheap (extra) insurance.
    Do Club 4×4 offer an insurance discount if fitted to vehicle and van?
    Cheers Tim

    1. No!!! But they should as it can greatly limit any loss should the vehicle be stolen, see my other rep0ly and the reference to the Club Sport.

  10. Like other comments, 3g has only another couple of years a I reckon telstra won’t even guarantee that. But what I would like to see is something like this that really doesn’t need a phone signal, I live and work in really remote areas outside phone networks or just drive 10 km outside any outback rural town and best of luck with phone signal, which means this type of technology really needs to be self supported by other means.

  11. I started my own GPS tracking business some years back, we supply only 4g devices, there are a few things to watch out for when buying GPS tracking devices, Not all devices cover the frequency bands in australia, this will result in reduced coverage. ALDI sims are at a great price, but ask your self why! Prepaid 3rd party sims do not have full access to the network and to all the towers.

    The tracking server that your info is going to in a lot of cases is located in China, How long will that last?

    My company is fully Australian owned and operated with Australia support,

  12. At the cost it seems expensive. I have an old Jaycar 3G tracker which is accurate enough to locate the vehicle to within 2 metres. The advantage of the Jaycar one is the remote immobiliser. A friend who was in the highway patrol once got behind a Club Sport that he realised was stolen and then just asked for it to be shut off at the next set of lights, no chase no damage to the car etc. The guy driving was arrested still wondering why the car stopped. Also the journey log is mapped as a line with stops listed separately rather than a series of large dots that appear to limit the ability to see the actual route taken.
    The new one at Jaycar is now 4G and has all the same features- I assume it is just as good. If I were buying another I would go for this.
    If Live track were free I would use it be with the time taken to install I wouldn’t be paying for it. Given it will take a few hours to properly install your immobiliser with all the features I would be buying something that will last beyond 3G and has an immobiliser.

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