Club 4X4 – Presenting Partner of RV Daily’s Towing Series – Episode one

We are very proud to be a presenting partner for the definitive 12 episode Towing Series, put together by our mates at RV Daily.

For too long we have seen comments, been asked the questions and discussed with clients and industry folk that there is a need for the industry to help provide the information required to improve safety while towing. As expressed in this first video – there is no substitute for getting out there and doing the training (then getting a discount on your Club 4X4 Insurance policies!!), but we feel the combination of articles, graphics and most importantly the videos played here are easy to watch and very informative.

We’ve been towing for years but still picked up a thing or two! So get clicking on the below – we will be sending these out over the next 12 months so keep your eyes peeled for the next instalment.

RVD022 WEB Towing Series

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