Girls Day Out

Club 4X4 Partnership: Girls Day Out 4WD Edition

We are proud to announce our partnership with Girls Day Out 4WD Edition

Noticing the gap in the community for a platform that helps women navigate their way through four-wheel driving, Cassandra Carson started the ‘Girls Day Out 4WD Edition.’ An experienced four-wheel driver herself, she wanted to create a safe, judgement free community that not only educates women, but provides them a space to be curious in a comfortable setting. 

Cassandra often saw women in the 4WD circles wanting to learn, get out and explore. However, they were sometimes faced with unhelpful responses to their questions. The pursuit to help women with their journey was the motivation behind creating the Girls Day Out 4WD Edition. 

As part of various events that will be conducted, women can learn a variety of different skills that will help them with four-wheel-driving through hands-on workshops and opportunities to ask questions without any stigma involved. These workshops cater to any level of experience and will be held at locations across Australia. Most importantly while it is a learning environment, there lies a big emphasis in security and focusing on specific issues women four-wheel drivers need answers to. Even if you’re not able to make it to events in person, there are plans to expand into video sessions to teach these skills online. 

Make sure you check out their website and Facebook page to keep up with events and we encourage you to register your attendance.

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  1. There are many women’s fishing and 4wd groups on facebook if you have a good look. For example: Women who live 4×4, Women’s fishing Qld etc.

  2. Great that you announced this partnership with a group that is making it easier for women in the 4X4 space, but what is Club 4X4’s contribution here? Are you financially supporting, helping deliver events, or something else? You’ve only shared half the story!

    1. Hi John,
      To start with it’s about sharing the message of this great cause to our readership and giving it publicity. We will also be looking to have our female team members attend where possible and be a part of it. We are very proud to commence this partnership and look forward to it developing in the future!

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