Club 4X4 partners with Toyo

Club 4×4 Pty Ltd and Toyo Tyre & Rubber Australia Ltd are proud to announce a partnership that sees the two brands join forces as businesses passionate about supporting the adventures of Australian four-wheel drive enthusiasts.

Both brands will combine their expertise to shine a spotlight on the grey areas surrounding vehicle modifications and four-wheel driving, with Toyo’s comprehensive knowledge of tyres and automotive tech providing the perfect support for Club 4×4’s detailed understanding of legality and insurance ramifications.

Club 4×4 recently built two promotional vehicles based on the popular Ford Everest and Ranger Raptor platforms, with both wearing larger Open Country 4×4 tyres from Toyo. During the arduous task of interpreting state and national regulations around wheel and tyre fitment, it was decided that collaboratively documenting the considerations required to make these vehicles both legal and functional was a public service that both brands would be happy to offer.

“Toyo Tires have been manufacturing tyres for 75 years and operating in Australia for almost 50, so we’ve learned a few things about the unique challenges faced by Aussie motorists,” says José Angeles, Toyo Tires Australia’s Marketing & Public Relations Manager. “It’s crucial to understand the comparative compromises between tyre styles and there’s value in empowering tyre buyers to pick the product that’s best for them, especially with 4×4 tyres that need to perform well both on- and off-road while keeping any size changes legal. With the right Open Country tread underfoot, we encourage our customers to head off the beaten track and make their move to turn dreams into memories, just like the Club 4×4 rigs do on a regular basis.”

Kalen Ziflian, General Manager at Club 4X4, is excited by the potential of the partnership. “We’ve had Toyo’s Open Country tyres on our vehicles for years and have found them to be more than capable of anything we’ve thrown at them. We’re looking forward to working closely with Toyo to answer some of the trickier questions in the wheel and tyre space by documenting the process of building our promotional vehicles.”

We’ve had Toyos on our old GU Patrol for a number of years.

“At Toyo Tires, we are proud of our precise Japanese engineering history and are constantly striving for improvement,” José continues. “Australian four-wheel drivers tackle every terrain type imaginable, often in the remote outback, so this great southern land is the perfect proving ground to push our Open Country 4×4 tyres to their limit. Our Quality Assurance Program puts all Toyos sold in Australia through their paces in local testing and allows us to continue our reputation for reliability down under. We love Club 4×4’s practical, honest communication style, so we are excited to welcome them to our Quality Assurance Program while providing technical support to their policy holders as they explore our open country with the confidence that they’re covered by an insurer who cares.”

“As enthusiasts ourselves, our vehicles get extensive use on and off-road across the country,” adds Kalen. “In fact, our Ford Everest has covered nearly 30,000km in the last 8 months despite COVID-19, so we’re looking forward to sharing our experiences with Toyo as a part of their Quality Assurance Program.”

Club 4×4 and Toyo Tires are eager to answer any technical questions you may have so if there’s a tyre-related or general four-wheel-drive topic you’ve been trying to get to the bottom of, get in touch, or comment below!

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  1. When you klick on the read more icon and the page loads it starts to shimmer. Same applies when scrolling the page. This has been happening for the last 4 posts you have sent. Needs to be looked at. I have however been using Toyo tires for over a year and found the excellent. A little more protection on side walls would be nice. Lost one to rocks at 30,000 kms.

    1. Post

      Thanks for the response, can you tell me what device you are using and what browser so we can investigate? Thanks,


  2. The article starts…”it was decided that collaboratively documenting the considerations required to make these vehicles both legal and functional was a public service that both brands would be happy to offer” but then dont provide any of this information. It appears as only marketing.

    1. Post

      Hi Craig,
      Thanks for the comment. I can understand the concern, but I assure you we’ll release all of this detail in a range of articles shortly. Given the complexities of these topics, we’re still in the final stages of putting them together, but this will definitely be coming.

      1. Glad to hear, I had the same thought after reading the article that seemed to lack any detail in terms of technical aspects of tyre design. Over the years I have learnt what the numbers and letters on the tyre wall mean but it would be good to include for others who might not be able to find the speed rating or age of tyre.
        Also I would be interested in what goes into designing a tyre for different purposes, as well as the importance of various features.

  3. Maybe your association with Toyo will mean you stop selling an illegal tyre repair kit from your “safety shop”. If a tyre that was had an illegal repair carried out, that then failed and caused an accident, I doubt very much if your insurance would payout.


  4. Hi I have been using Toyo open country AT 2 for the past 6 years & consider them the best all terrain tyre I have used to date in the 265/75/16 size ( and I have tried most believe me) been an avid 4WD enthusiast for over 30 years, good mileage, handles great in dry conditions but also good in the wet, very quite on the black top, they do chip a bit in stoney country & side wall could be tougher, but very happy overall, I have been researching & believe I will stay with Toyo but go with the hybrid, Open Country R/T’s next time. And, no I am not affiliated with Toyo or club 4×4 in any way, just happy to give a good report when Deserved.

    Regards Kerry Duck – Qld

    1. Post

      Good question Graham,
      I believe they are doing local testing, and expect it will be sometime in 2021, but this is not yet confirmed.

    1. Post

      Good question Colin. This has to do with the fact that Toyo’s brand name is Toyo Tires, but their Australian Company is Toyo Tyres. Very complex!

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