Club 4X4 at the Cleveland Expo

Queenslanders – yes you!

Quiet weekend? Not many plans? Feel like checking out some of the latest 4X4 Caravan and Camping gear?

Well make a bee-line for the Cleveland Caravan, Camping, Boating and 4X4 Expo this weekend and the Cleveland Showgrounds.

Leo will be pointing the wheels of the Black Beast up north in the next few days so if you see him on the road give him a honk, otherwise catch him at the show for a free sticker or to arrange a quote for your insurance.

Enjoy the show!



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Comments 4

  1. enjoy the defect stations setup around the area to destroy the 4×4 community modified vehicles, Im guessing low numbers due to these stings on slightly modified vehicles and just wasting other 4x4s time that may be on the legal limit.

    1. Post
  2. Nice work Jim, I too had my heart broken by the boys in blue a little while ago by the ever changing laws….but still keen to attend to keep the dream alive, as should the rest of us local 4b lovers.

  3. That won’t stop the QPS from cashing in until the change next month. Won’t catch me at the show with my outrageously modified 2” suspension and 1” tyres

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