Club 4X4 Claims and Sales Testimonial – Ross McGibbon

Hi Club 4×4,

“After spending over 20k on extras for my VW Amarok I was told by my old insurer that they would not cover me anymore. I compared all the major insurers and they either wouldn’t cover me or the cover they offered wasn’t even worth considering. I then found Club 4×4. They covered all of my extras and also gave me an accurate market value for my make and model, all for a similar price that the big insurers had me covered for before I had any extras.

Since changing over to Club 4×4 I haven’t looked back. I’ve been through the claims process 3 times now with them and each time they are understanding and quick to process my claim. Every time I have called, their staff are friendly and their customer service is extremely good. If you aren’t getting looked after with your current insurer I can strongly recommend Club 4×4!”

Ross M

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Comments 8

  1. that is really disappointing. I got the surprise of my life when I insured our new LC200 with Toyota they actually agree to insure bar drawer UHF etc and listed them and added to total value but will be going to you when policy runs out much more comfortable with you recovery insurance although Toyota says they will But I really not comfortable with they way they worded it.

    1. Why wait if your not happy with how your insurance company has worded the policy, what’s to say if your unlucky enough to make a claim your reservations dont come true

  2. Hi ,
    I told my insurance company about all my mods and to my surpise they told me I had to many mods and would insure me and I had a week to get insurance. I could buy a 200 series 100k+ and they would insure me. Didn’t make sense to me. So I got onto Club 4×4 and they had no issues with car and mods and for the extra service they will cover me for the extra $5 a mouth it was a no brainer. Thanks Club 4×4. Mike

  3. From the photo of Ross and his roof rack it appears as though the Amarok 100kg roof limit is overweight.
    Will Club 4×4 cover this?

  4. might look into this when my next policy is due,was with nrma,moved 5 kls across river into Victoria , rang and told them my new address, guese what , oh we will have to cancel all your policies as you are in another state, lovely as I had 3 vehicles to insure all at the same time, just what I needed after moving into a new house,!!! found a new company and insured 2 monthly to spread them out as I didn,t want them all coming in together, 70 this year, been with nrma since 17 years old . cancelled my membership, vowed I,d never go back to them, not a happy camper I can tell you

  5. forgot to say my mate next door in nsw had a trip to frazer island, car cut out, no nrma service on frazer island just in case any poor people happen to go there and think they ate covered, I can tell you now you are not covered as my mate found out.

  6. I had the same experience as Ross after buying a brand new 2011 HiLux and modded it up for ‘the big trip’ to the Kimberley and NT – apparently I was now too big a risk with my then current insurer. The fact that they will insure a stock $100-120K vehicle but not mine, simply because I have non-standard mods added just doesn’t make sense. Thank God for Club 4×4 and believe it or not, the premium was almost the same as I had previously been paying. As yet (touch wood) I have not had to make any claims, but all evidence suggests it would be a pain free experience – the way vehicle insurance SHOULD be!

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