Michael Ellem Joins The Campfire

Recently, the team at Club 4X4 asked for a meeting over coffee. Well if you would like to have a meeting with me and you mention coffee… I’ll be there. My name is Michael Ellem …

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Jul 21 2022
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Recently, the team at Club 4X4 asked for a meeting over coffee.

Well if you would like to have a meeting with me and you mention coffee… I’ll be there.

My name is Michael Ellem from Offroad Images and I am extremely proud to announce my involvement with Club 4X4 as their “Face of the Campfire”.

So, you might ask, who is this guy?

I have been photographing for the 4X4 industry and magazines for over 20 years, and in that time I have worked with some amazing people who have all helped me create imagery for the 4X4 enthusiast.

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I was one of the first photographers to move from film to digital and absolutely embraced the technologies enabling me to do some really special things with our imagery.

We have a studio in Sydney but are usually somewhere else in our “The Mighty 79” modified Toyota Landcruiser https://www.offroadimages.com.au/builds which has been extensively set-up as a camera truck. It carries all the stills and filming gear including lighting and specialised drones into remote locations all around Australia. I am extremely passionate about photography, 4WDs, camping and coffee.

So what exactly does this mean?

For me, this is awesome as it provides to me an outlet for telling stories of past and present.

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Stories which I’ve been wanting to share, stories which in many cases, I would share around the campfire with my mates. It also allows me to answer questions. On our social pages, we receive many questions everyday about 4WD set-ups including electrical, suspension, wheels and tyres etc, questions about photography, and for some people, most importantly… coffee, and how to create great coffee in remote locations.

So I have a big list of topics. A list that keeps on growing. But we want this to be special. At times during the year, I will be asking you, to ask me questions, which I will answer throughout the year. I would really like you to feel that you are a part of what we do.

I will be sharing photography stories and tips as I believe that there is a photographer in all of us just waiting to get out. I would like to help all those photographers out there to create better imagery and have a lot more fun doing it. If you can enjoy your camera as much as I do, that will put a smile on my face.

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I will be sharing 4X4 related stories of trips and expeditions that we have been a part of over the years, I would like to talk to you about things to consider with your 4X4 set-up to make sure you enjoy 4WDing as much as I do. I will bring up topics of discussion that will make you think about how you do things, and consider safer solutions for your 4X4 set-up.

Camping and coffee? I just love the fact that you can still have great coffee in the middle of

Australia and since it is an extremely important part of many peoples day, I would like to help ensure that solutions of great coffee can be provided to any budget.

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So let me take you on a journey where we talk about things relating to 4WDing, photography and of course, camping and coffee in the middle of nowhere.

So let’s get straight into it… If you have a question, please send it through to our Instagram page @offroadimages and I will get straight back to you but I will also add it to the list of stories for everyone to experience.

– Michael Ellem… Offroad Images

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The Campfire – Feedback

Just like sitting around the campfire, we would love to hear what you have to say.

You can be involved simply by entering your comments below.

Also… we will be featuring stories about photography tips and tricks, 4X4 preparation, build

planning and maintenance, as well as featuring inspirational locations for you to visit in your 4X4. So please get involved and let us know what you’d like to hear about.

If you have any requests for stories to be featured in campfire or would like to provide feedback about this article, please send us a message on our social links…

Instagram: @offroadimages

Facebook: @offroadimages

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/OffroadImages

Website: http://www.offroadimages.com.au

As 4X4 enthusiasts who live for the opportunity to create awesome imagery anywhere in Australia, we know that our vehicle assets are covered wherever we travel to create that shot, as we are insured by Club 4X4.

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