The Changes We’ve Made Based on your Feedback

From yesterday onwards, anyone getting a new quote for coverage on their 4X4 or trailer will have noticed a couple of changes we’ve made to our underwriting criteria.

Over the last 18 months or so we have taken a fair bit of feedback from customers and non-customers alike on our processes and we felt it was the right time to take some of this feedback and make significant changes to our processes. I’ll outline the two major changes below:


Timeframes for Driving and Claims Histories

It comes as no surprise that a driver or policyholders’ driving and claim history are two critical pieces of information in the process of setting a premium. There aren’t many insurers out there that don’t ask for this information and many will actually also check that information at the time of claim.

Up until yesterday, our timeframe for these checks was 5 years. So when you got a quote or processed a renewal with us, per the our underwriting criteria you were required to divulge any claims or license cancellations or suspension over the entire 5 year period.

What we heard from you guys when quoting and at the time of claim, was that 5 years was too long a period to try to remember something like a fine for speeding 10km/h over the speed limit. Yes, a driving history or demerit point check, or taking the time to actually think through your history we think will usually net the complete and factual response – but we went back to the drawing board and along with our underwriter, decided to move this timeframe to 3 years.  This should be a much more reasonable timeframe to expect a new or existing customer to recall.

This change is live immediately for new business. For our existing customers, at renewal your requirement will change from 5 years to 3. Note that at renewal you are required per advice on your documents, to update any information that may have changed during the prior term. Please take note of that requirement and let us know anything you feel may be inaccurate on your policy.


Lifestyle Questions

Similar to the above, we’ve had people ask us why we don’t consider the type of off-roading or experience the driver may have touring off road. Those who have been following us from day one may recall we had these sorts of questions in the quoting system to start with – they were removed to streamline the process a little.

Well things have changed since then, and we have now implemented a few new questions to help us understand more about the way your fourby is being used. These questions range from the type of off-roading you may do, how often you do it and how long you’ve been doing it.


It’s important to note that despite the feedback – these criteria will not affect your premium at the moment; this is more about understanding how you all use your setups – so we appreciate your forthright and accurate responses.

So there you have it, we’ve done it before and we’ve done it again. We are proud to be able to interact with and listen to your feedback and thoughts and make our products what you want them to be.

Happy Touring

Kalen Ziflian


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Comments 48

  1. Kalen, how about not increasing my premium from $1900 to $3600, with zero change in ANYTHING from the previous year…

    And you want a $5000 excess for driving through water. Would have hate to have seen the quote if you hadn’t introduced the water excess.

    I can’t see you guys lasting too much longer with quotes like that. And it is all over the Internet pages. Good luck with your business model.

    1. Post


      Yes – premiums have gone up. In some instances much more than others. Without looking at the specifics of your policy i can’t comment on the reasons why.

      I know it can seem disconcerting and even rude – but the simple commercial reality is that in order to continue offering the coverage that we do, we need to ensure we collect the correct amount of premium to cover the losses.

      In this case you didn’t create any losses – so its understandably even more frustrating. Unfortunately the reality of insurance is that sometimes the better risks subsidise the poorer ones. It would seem that that is what has happened in this case.

      Let me assure you Flabbergasted – we are not in trouble at all and your assertion that we won’t be in business is far from the truth. We are retaining north of 90% of our customers currently while continuing to write new policies and grow our portfolio which is now in the tens of thousands.

      I challenge you to shop the market and see what else is out there and come back here and explain what you found. If the benefits we offer in our basic policy are not of interest to you, then your best bet is to shop on price. We can’t and wont ever compete on price level with the market because our product is too different (way more than just recovery cover as you put it, but there’s enough literature out there to educate yourself).

      Finally, we don’t charge a $5000 excess – again, i encourage you to read the literature and arm yourself with the facts.

      Good luck with your decision on your insurer and thanks for taking the time to comment here.


  2. I can honestly say that in the 35 years I`ve had my license I can recall all the times I have received demerit points. Not hard considering there have only been 2 points lost in that time. I think people have a “selective” memory when disclosing this information or the fact that they have had so many they can`t recall them all.

    What gets me when it comes to declaring past infringements for insurance purposes is the fact that drivers with a prolonged history of good driving are not rewarded for it. In 35 years on the road I have not had an at fault accident or made a claim on my insurance but still pay the same as someone that had a claim or demerit points after only 5 years, now 3 years of good driving.

    1. Post
  3. Now you just need to insure caravans if people travel/reside in them – full time.

    AAMI insures owners in this category.

    Your motor insurance stands head and shoulders above the rest, but your caravan insurance lets you down – massively.

  4. And yet STILL nothing about the outrageous premium increases? So you’re collecting data, great- join every other company on the planet, but give nothing back to customers (loyalty discounts anyone?!)

    In my case it was 25%, for less cover too. now almost 2.5k to insure an 04 Landcruiser. Went for a quote for the new Fortuner, and ruled them out due to similar pricing to my lc- i have an impeccable driving history and NO claims!

    Even NRMA plus with all the options selected was significantly cheaper, and lets face it the only real difference with club 4×4 now is the recovery cover (which only applys to the vehicle insured, not trailer if it’s not insured with them!) and the fact that other insurers wont charge you an extra water excess.

    1. Post


      Without checking your individual policy I cannot pass any comment unfortunately. If you want me to do so i can, but please provide me with your policy number.

      Premiums have gone up yes and have done so much more in other areas – unfortunately at times the good risks subside the bad in an insurance portfolio.

      Can i take a second to clarify a few things for you also

      1) There is much more about us that is different that “NRMA” or any other vanilla insurer that it seems you are not confident or have been exposed too – if you think recovery cover is the only one then i suggest you call us and ask the question.
      2) We will certainly pay toward the recovery of your trailer. If you get bogged or stranded offroad where you need to pay for a recover and you have a trailer – our benefit is a financial one. Meaning we reimburse you the cost of the recovery, not arrange for it to happen. If you have the basic $1500 you can use the full amount to recover your car and trailer – likewise if you have the higher amounts of the same coverage.

      Again, facts are required here – if you need them, please call us and wed be happy to help


  5. Yes mate that’s all well and good I’ve been driving since 1980 with only 1 traffic infringement but people forget Not everyone is like you and me people forget so don’t blame them if they forget bit harsh I think.

    1. Post


      Understandably – have you shopped around yet?

      Please do so then come back with your findings. We cannot and will not compete on price because we don’t have anyone to compare ourselves too. To keep offering what we do we need to charge an appropriate premium

      I look forward to your response.


  6. Hi Kalen and Club 4×4 Team,

    Just a little feedback if I may, as an existing customer that is (unfortunately) about to move away from Club 4×4. Firstly, I think the whole concept of Club 4×4 is an excellent idea. The fact accessories, long distance recovery, fuel contamination etc are included within the policy is fantastic and one of the many reasons I was drawn to Club 4×4 in the first place. I recently spoke to one of your consultants about the rather significant increase (40%) in my policy cost as I’m due for renewal at the end of the month. I was given the reasoning that Club 4×4 is a “New & Developing” insurer and that in the past few years, Club 4x4s business model had not foreseen the expense to the company that has been incurred, and that you’ve had to increase premiums significantly in order to stay viable. I was also informed my 40% increase was a discounted amount because I was an existing customer and that new customers were facing a much more significant initial policy price. Unfortunately, because of this increase with respect to my needs, you have priced yourself out of the market for what I deem necessary cover to suit my circumstances. So to the feedback I would like to offer…. I suggest a more adaptable list of options for types of use and frequency of use of the vehicle as a whole. For example, I use my 4×4 as a blacktop tourer a few times a year towing a camper trailer. I don’t intend on fording rivers, driving the Simpson, or bashing it up a track designed for a competition truck in a winch challenge. That will suit some and that’s their choice and style of four wheel driving. But some of those choices significantly increase risk. Having a more adaptable product may help and hence your questions about “types” of use will assist this. The option of adding on to a policy, a bit like “holiday insurance” may help if by chance someone like myself decides one year to do a Simpson trip and then I can increase the cover of the policy for 6 months or similar and wear the cost for the piece of mind. The other thing that stands out to me is how often the vehicle is used. For many (but not all), I can only assume that our 4x4s are not a daily drive. For example, I have a company vehicle and my 4×4 is only wheeled out a few times a year for holiday trips. On average over the last three years, my 4×4 has only done 4500km per annum. Surely this significantly reduces the risk surrounding me as a customer so a more adaptable policy, with the option of “lay up” cover or “limited use” like what other insurers can offer would help bring costs down for customers.

    Ultimately, I would be happy to answer 100 questions when taking out a policy if it mean the product ended up being right for me and value for money. It makes it harder to wear the cost burden of the higher risk policy holders, especially when you see some of the practices and risks taken by some that ultimately result in the increased policy prices for us all.

    Club 4×4 have the foundations of an excellent product, but being a “specialist” insurer, I feel you need to be even more adaptable otherwise you will lose clients and potential new ones based on cost, and with less clients contributing to the growth and profitability of Club 4×4, I can only see those costs being spread amongst fewer clients at an increased price. You’ve already said in previous comments that you won’t negotiate on price and that’s fair enough, but would I be fair in saying that’s partially because the policy might not be as adaptable because a Club 4×4 have chosen a pretty firm stance on the product offered? I have no doubt as a company you will continue to grow and get new clients. There are those that need all the benefits you offer and there are those with vehicles that have had serious money spent on them that no other insurer will likely touch. But even as a 4wd owner, I just can’t burden the cost of the increase (given the ever increasing living costs across the board) when a competitor can offer the same cover (agreed vehicle & accessories value, windscreen included, hire car included, fuel contamination cover, no restriction on driving location etc etc) where the only stand out addition (and yes, I have read the fine print on Club 4x4s policy and this alternative) is the benefit of long distance remote recovery which I’d probably never use. My local roadside assistance cover (which I pay top cover for) offers long distance recovery and also that of my trailer. Admittedly, they might not recover me from the middle of a desert, but chances are as a blacktop tourer I probably wouldn’t be out there anyhow. Once again, product adaptability. And given a quoted excess half that of Club 4x4s, and a policy price literally $100s cheaper, it’s hard to justify the expense. I really want Club 4×4 to succeed. The likes of NMRA, SGIO etc just don’t stack up as soon as a modified or older vehicle comes into question. But there seems to be a big gap in product offerings in the “middle ground”. Like you say, we as four wheel drivers all use our vehicles differently. Some more frequently than others. Some in more extreme situations than others. I think product adaptability is key here offering better choice and price points. We are able to nominate drivers which in turn adds to or reduces risk and we pay accordingly. Why not be able to add or remove water crossing cover, remote recovery cover (as in remove it all together if someone wants to do so to save money), nominate frequency of use and/or off-road use.

    I wish you the best in developing your business model. I must admit it is good to see an insurer reaching out for feedback.

    1. Post


      Thanks so much for the well thought out and detailed response. Some fantastic options and ideas there, some of which we have thought of and are scheduling for release and some which are new and are certainly of interest. Laid up cover is one that we offer on our trailer product for example, but not on the tow vehicle.

      I appreciate the verbatim on what you were told on the phone – ultimately that is the truth and it’s a challenge that even insurance brands that are ten times older than us struggle with. The motor insurance market is every changing and challenges present themselves in waves, necessitating constant change; much like any business. Our challenge is as a business we don’t sell widgets, we sell promises to compensate on significant events that cost large sums of money. But i digress.

      It is certainly hard to keep everyone happy, but your concept around providing choice is one way to do it – one would presume the feedback then would be “why am i paying more this should be included”!! Sorry i couldn’t help myself 🙂

      Thanks for the feedback and please try us again next year – hopefully we can provide you with a coverage that makes sense for your circumstances at the time.

      Many thanks


      1. I, too, have copped a 40% hike in my premium. However my initial premium was significantly higher (approximately 50%) than the GIO cover I abandoned in favour of Club 4×4 and I cannot avoid the conclusion that the initial cost, subsequently explained to me as a discounted price, was a ‘sucker punch’ to lure me into your insurance fold. In my opinion Club 4×4 has failed, miserably, in it’s risk management strategy and/or has been underhanded in selling its’ product.

        1. Post

          Hi Stephen,

          Sorry to have let you down – i can say till i’m blue in the face that what’s happened isn’t a strategic move but it would seem its not being accepted. I do hope you find the coverage you need at a more acceptable price.

          Happy Touring


    2. A great response Stuey.

      I’m in a similar situation with low annual milage, minimal actual 4WD usage and no desire for extreme off-roading.

      The 25% hike in my policy sent me scurrying off to AAMI!

      And likely to be staying there too with a 41% lower cost policy.


      1. Post


        Thanks for the commentary. It would seem to me like the extras we offer above and beyond AAMI’s policy are not worth the 41% extra to you.

        That’s absolutely fine – as a consumer you need to decide between different products in the market – its just commercial reality. I’m saddened to hear your leaving us as a result, but totally understand.

        Hopefully one day we may see you as a member again.


  7. I know idiots that thrash the daylights out of their vehicles EVERY weekend, I on the other hand tow a van three to four times a year on blacktop and sometimes very tame gravel, BUT we get charged the same.

    Looks like you have been a magnet for the F wits and you’ve copped a sting in the wallet, and now have to recover all that from the good guys.

    1. Post

      Hey Mark,

      Nah, not really. It’s a combination – you get a high representation of claims form certain pockets of the market, and we have (30-40 year olds are the worst) so you make adjustments as you go. And you’re right, in insurance, because it’s a community rated concept (the good prop up the bad in some pockets) yes at times there may be people who are the same as you (think age, vehicle, location etc) who may be a poorer risk than you – and yes your premium may help pay that person’s claim.

      What we’ve also seen however is that the general motor insurance market has gone up significantly also over the last 18 months – up to 70% in some pockets. This stimulates shopping as the poorer risks usually see the largest increases – this then drives the entire market up to ensure no one insurance brand ends up with the poorer risks who will usually shop purely on price.

      That is as honest a synopsis as anyone who is reading this will ever get, straight from the horses mouth so to speak.

      Ultimately, we are all consumers, I am too. If the product i am contemplating doesn’t match my needs and i can’t see the value in the benefits it provides me versus the cost to have it, you move on.



  8. Long winded but accurate comments Stuey. I went for a quote with club 4×4 and it took them a week to get back to me with a quote after I had to take photos of my car due to it being an “older vehicle” (04 Navara). Compared to another insurer that gave me a quote over the phone in 10-15 minutes that was by far cheaper. My insurer that I am with offers everything that club 4×4 does minus the off road recovery which like you I pay for roadside assistance elsewhere and with the price of my policy and roadside assistance I’m still in front. Sorry club 4×4 if you’re really listening better look at your pricing and value for money.

    1. Post


      So your current insurer covers:

      1) All of your modifications and accessories, int he form of an increase over the value of your vehicle? Ie 30k in mods on your 04 Navara = value of Navara + 30k? (and for the record, we don’t consider your Navara old – its probably because of the value of the unit that we want to check for condition – we love old rigs).
      2) $2000 of cover for your portable valuables if they are lost or stolen, with the car or not, anywhere in Australia?
      3) $180 worth of rental vehicle per dayh in the event of theft for up to 21 days
      4) Off-Road Recovery Cover – check the paperwork for your Roadside Assistance provider – they all have exclusion for recovery offroad.

      Please forward on your insurer – wed love to see where the market has caught up with our offering.



  9. Hi Kalen,

    Is there documentation on the different policies you provide for vehicles or do you have to sign up to view these? I’d love to compare with my current insurer to see where I would benefit and if those benefits would outweigh the cost difference. I’m satisfied with my current policy that does Blacktop towing (and another for bush towing) as I don’t do much outback touring (as much as I wish I could!!). Local tracks are the best I can do with maybe 2 ‘big’ trips per year.


    1. Post
  10. Hi we now have two 4x4s with you guys, when are you going to offer a restricted use permit for a vehicle on a club permit in Victoria for 45 or maximum 90 days? Bearing in mind they have to be 25 years old and our GQ is two years away and hasn’t covered 100,000 Ks yet from New.

    1. Post
  11. There is no sign whatever that Club 4×4 are listening or get it at all. I asked about considering my driver record, but they will not. Speaking as a retired prof of economics, one would have thought that an actuarial calculation would encourage “safe” drivers, but C4X4 doesn’t. I passed my driving test on my 17th birthday, back in 1970. I have never made a claim, never had an ‘accident’, never lost a license or any points… Other companies recognise this, but not C4X4. They are just crap. It’s a shame, don’t bother.

    1. Post


      If you got a quote with us your driving history is considered already. The article above speaks to the fact that we’ve just now reduced the historical period considered in the determination of premium from 5 years to 3 years. Ie. if your record is clean for 3 years you’re doing great – if you’ve had incidents or license cancellations during that period then they’re used in the process of rating.

      There may well be other companies there that use a much longer timeframe in their underwriting criteria. We changed ours to shorten it based on feedback from customers.

      Sorry that you feel otherwise.


  12. Well you lost my business when I was attempting to cover my land crusier and new camper.
    I remember the call, when they said claims in last 5 years?? Well four of my cars were hit with hail on the Brisbane November 2014 hail event. They said sorry that’s it, we can’t insure you. I was stunned obviously, circumstances are not important. Took my business elsewhere, hopefully you have seen the light?

    1. Post
  13. I received a quote for my 03 Navara and accessories some months ago. I use it for occasional fishing trips and touring including tracks. Unfortunately for C4x4 my current insurer had a lower premium and it was only remote recovery the only difference in offering (Water, unsealed or unsurveyed tracks, included) it included “attached” accessories.
    C4x$, unintended slow on shift key but really the issue. C4x4 was 40% more expensive and it would seem after the round of increases spoken of above way off the scale to insure with C4x4.
    I am about to update the touring horse but do not see any incentive to even seek a C4x4 quote after my past experience and the comments above
    I have no desire to drive a submarine disguised as a 4×4 or boulder hop or see what ridiculous angle I can achieve or even what extreme suspension travel I can achieve.
    In short I do not want to subsidise repairs/recovery of the yahoos who go extreme 4 wheel driving.
    C4x4 insurance has some great points BUT needs to listen and tailor policies to the customer and their needs/driving styles to avoid ordinary folks subsidising hard-core and therefore high risk 4 wheel drivers.

    1. Post

      Thanks for your thoughts Kevin and sorry we haven’t been able to pull together a product that suits your needs.

      Hopefully you will try us again when shopping in the future.


  14. I have received a quote before and are on your mailing list. Props for keeping these “constructive” replies on your promoted “we have changed” email.

    I do appreciate the honesty but it can’t be helping your business when you read the managed media release, then all the “constructive” reviews follow.

  15. Further to the caravan cover, I have cover for my 4×4 with Club, and inquired by phone about insurance for a caravan yesterday. (I earlier did a Google search for “Club 4×4 caravan insurance” and the resulting blurb sounded promising, and gave no initial indication that you don’t cover “On-road” caravans, which my soon-to-be van predominantly is). I wasted 10 mins of my time and your consultant’s until it was mentioned that it was an On-road van… I was put on hold briefly, and got the news after this that you don’t cover On-road vans! Your consultant apologised and said she should have asked this first, and will in future.
    If this is the case, the web page should be up front about this, unless I missed it. Again if so, would you not consider that someone who is a customer of yours with a customised 4×4 may sometimes just want to use a 4×4/van On-road? It seems like you’d be missing out on clientele like me if this isn’t the case, and less of a claims risk to boot?!
    (You’ve got until this afternoon to respond with a re-quote offer if there has been a mistake, as I’ve got other quotes, and picking up the “trouble-maker” van tomorrow). Thanks.

    1. Post


      I am quite dissapointed that you have been told what you have. It is completely false.

      I would love to have an opportunity to dig up your quote, listen to the call and coach my staff this issue.

      Can you please send your details through to and attention it to me and ill get to the bottom of it


  16. Hi Kalen,
    I think you should, ‘look at the specifics of a policy’ before posting a reply to any policy holder, so you can make accurate and informed replies to the specific post. Customers are not professionals and can get emotional, whereas I’d expect any representative of Club 4×4 to be so. I’m personally insured with you, but far from happy with both price and conditions imposed, I may be one of the small percentage you’ve quoted that doesn’t renew due to the above.

    1. Post

      Hi Ken,

      Happy to take a look at the specifics of any policyholder. I often find that i never get a response to the posts i make here, so would much rather respond to start the discussion rather than ignore it or try to email the individual. This is not a a forum that facilitates private discussion and each one of you have a right to post publicly – i just ask that i be able to do the same.



  17. Hi Kalen
    Are you able to tell me what reasoning you apply when denying insurance cover for anyone intending to tour the country in excess of 12 months? I am happy to consider your premiums for premium cover but am unable to even get a start with Club 4X4.

    1. Post

      Gday Tony,

      The reasoning behind not covering those who are using the trailer as a primary place of residence is the increased risk of damage. Different to a van that might be used once a month or once every two months.



      1. Sorry Kal … that’s just plain nonsense.
        I am traveling and living in my van and as such I take great care to ensure the van’s safety and it’s “well-being” for that very reason …. we are LIVING in it … it is our home .. and we can’t afford to put it at risk !!
        We don’t have the option of returning to a fixed residence somewhere.
        I think that those persons traveling/living in their caravans are a far more attractive insurance option than those who travel occasionally on their ‘holidays’. Just think about it !!

  18. Post

    G’day peter,

    No problem – i will look into your policy and come back to you.

    I suspect that the response will ultimately come down to one or more of a combination of the following:

    1) Large representation of claims from people similar to your profile – this may be the car you drive, where you live, how old you are etc.
    2) An increase in the general insurance market for people similar to your profile – see above

    Unfortunately an increase in premium is not always driven by your individual actions – insurance is a community rated concept – meaning everyone throws in what represents a small fraction of what their asset is worth into a pool. This pool is then re-invested to increase the pool size so that if you need to claim the total value of your investment can be paid out to you. The process of ensuring all these checks and balances are in place is the basic challenge of an insurance business. This is how it’s possible for you to pay only 1-10% of what your asset is worth and in the event of a total loss you get the full 100%.

    Now that’s the basic break even situation – given that any business is in place to make a profit, there is a need to ensure that we do a little better than break even so that all of our expenses can be paid.

    Now, if people in your profile drove a claim ratio that saw the portfolio paying out more money than it was taking in – premium needs to go up to ensure that the same losses can be covered into the future. Not doing this means ultimately the business ceases to exist.

    At a consumer level – i haven’t got my head in the sand and i know that as a result of these actions we will lose customers – that’s a commercial reality and i accept that. What i can say is that over 90% of people, whether they’re shopping or not, are choosing to stay with us. That is a frightfully high number in the insurance world. You would never have the chief exec of a business here responding this way and you would never get these percentages from another insurer – so you can take it with a grain of salt or believe it. My history has shown that to have a 50% retention rate is benchmark in the normal insurance world.

    Whilst there is significant angst in the market from a pocket and i understand and appreciate that – as a bloke on the street guys, we’re all consumers and we vote with our feet. Do the shopping, check what you get for the money. I truly believe that our offering is tailored and beneficial to the true off-road tourer. I believe the people walking away simply do not need the product- and that’s completely fine too.

    Ill come back to you with some more information next week.


    1. Post

      G’day Peter,

      So i’ve looked at your policy now and here is a breakdown of the reasons why your particular policy went up – again, these factors are only applicable to you by association unfortuantely – these are not your direct doing

      1) 79 Series Landcruiser – We have has a large number of people damage these off-road last year – in fact, along with Hilux’s and Dmax’s these vehicles represented the largest claims exposure for the year
      2) Modification value – you’ve got almost $30,000 in modifications that go above and beyond the value of the vehicle itself. So you have a 2012 model 79 series Landcruiser that is insured to a sum in the vicinity of $90,000
      3) Driveway parking location – the combination of the above two factors make this factor a particularly relevant one. The nature of the vehicle itself then the large value in mods make it an increased theft risk based one experience in the last year as such a load is applied

      I don’t expect you to accept it, but i hope that goes a way to explain the reasoning for the increase. I am happy to continue this discussion here – if you do shop around i ask that for everyone reading here and for us, could you post your findings in product offering as well as premium.



  19. If club 4/4 have an excess for water entry , I need to know right now especially if it’s 5 grand what’s your response club 4/4 , please email reply to denegrooms@ gmail. com

    1. Post
    2. Post

      Just to further clarify in case you don’t read the article – the change was live from the 7th of March. Anyone who purchased a policy from that date onwards had the excess as part of their policy. Anyone who was an existing policyholder at the time would continue unchanged until renewal where the new excess would take effect.



  20. I am a believer in user pays.

    You are an insurance company and need to know who you are covering, what their experience is, what they do, what they have, where they go, how and why they go somewhere. A three year window is very small and I believe that judging everyone in this way is prejudicial to drivers like myself. For example, I have had 4X4s for thirty years. Land Rovers, Range Rovers, Mitsubishi’s’, Toyotas and have never bent one off road. I am proud of my driving record and I believe that it should be beneficial to me or anyone else with a good long term record when it comes time for your actuaries look at the structuring premiums for individual owner/drivers.

    Saying that insurance is based on “community rated concept” is reality but, though it may be fine for home, business, or third party insurance because of a location, it should not apply to a model of vehicle rather than the owner/driver. A type of car does not have accidents, it’s the individuals driving them that are responsible. If you raise a premium for someone like Peter because of market statistics you are completely missing the point. YOUI has made great inroads to the Australian market because they tailor insurance to their clients based on their experience, vehicles, usage etc. A three year window is nothing when you don’t know what’s happened before and I feel it is prejudicial to good long term drivers to be put into the same statistical category.

    You may not wish to go down this track as it would actually cost you money to have your actuaries structure premiums calculated on performance and history rather than your statistics based on the “community rated concept”. However in the long run you would have more satisfied customers. Your overall costs and outlay would probably not change as the owner/drivers with a poor record would pay for themselves and you would not have everyone else doing it for them. YOUI is on to something that you may wish to have a good look at. By the way, I am retired from the packaging industry and have no ties with any insurance company, I do use the NRMA, Shannons and yourselves.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    Kind regards,


    1. Post

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