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So recently we celebrated 5 years of Club 4X4. It’s amazing how quickly time has flown by and it’s been one hell of a ride. Over the years I’ve been really proud of how we’ve …

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Apr 01 2021

So recently we celebrated 5 years of Club 4X4. It’s amazing how quickly time has flown by and it’s been one hell of a ride.

Over the years I’ve been really proud of how we’ve handled market feedback as a brand to improve our processes and truly line up to our Vision To Become the Insurer of Choice for the Off Road Touring Enthusiast.

Along the way, we have made changes to our product based on feedback. It’s simple stuff; an online forum, a message on Facebook, a chat at an event, surveys or even feedback from my team who you may be lucky enough to chat too. You can’t be customer centric if you don’t listen and if you’re not customer centric in this day and age, your success is limited more than ever.

I wanted to outline some changes we’ve recently made to our policy wording (that’s insurance mumbo jumbo for PDS). Many of these have been a result of feedback from you all have given along the way. There has been an immense level of change and investment in our business in the last 24 months. From new teams, new locations, new systems, new premium rating models and a healthy dollop of TLC to ensure our processes line up with our corporate values of Honesty, Integrity, A Fair Go, Down to Earth and Customer Delight. You will note my commentary on these changes at times will call out an alignment to processes. In essence, many of these changes reflect existing internal processes, but we’ve now crystallised them in our wording for clarity.

The below are the major changes that we felt had the most impact. There were smaller adjustments throughout and some compliance related changes post Royal Commission that you may also pick up. If you have any questions on the latter we’re more than happy to help so just comment below.

Let’s start with our Comprehensive 4X4 product

  1. We’ve removed unnecessary and confusing wording from several places in the PDS to make it easier to understand and interpret.
  2. We’ve clarified that where available, OEM parts will be used to replace OEM parts on any vehicle under manufacturers warranty. This is something we’ve always done, but that our PDS now reflects this.
  3. Rather than you having to arrange a hire car, we now have relationships with providers, so we can take care of this for you, and we’ve clarified what can be used in your daily limit too.
  4. We’ve clarified that our Off-Road Recovery Cover benefit will now include towing up to your limit to the nearest town, rather than just the nearest sealed road.
  5. We’ve updated our PDS to reflect our position on illegal modifications, clarifying that we won’t look to reduce or refuse a claim where a vehicle has an illegal modification unless that modification contributed to the incident occurring. We’ve had this stance for many years and i’ve said it publicly, but it’s great that our PDS now reflects this.
  6. We’ve removed the exclusions for cover on vinyl wraps. Yep, whether you’ve got a clear wrap to protect your vehicle against pinstripes, or you’re advertising your business, you can now add that to your mods and accessories and have it covered.
  7. Definitions – we’ve made some adjustments to some of these, but they’re all simply to make things clearer and line up with internal processes. A key one is “Off-Road” – a much more simple approach has been taken to this definition, because it should be!

More specific details on the major changes are available in a brochure we’ve put together, which you can find below.

A big thank you to our customers who have taken the time to provide us with feedback to help us continue to build a product that you value. After all, that’s what matters right?

If you have any questions please comment below and we will come back to you

Otherwise, Happy Touring


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