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It’s hard enough to believe that Club 4X4 is now well into it’s 3rd year providing the most comprehensive motor insurance product in the land! They say time flies when you’re having fun – and we sure have!

At the same time, our weekly email newsletter, The Campfire is now also 18 months old. We’ve enjoyed putting tid-bits of the best news around what we are up too and some of our favourite articles from the 4X4 media world. The feedback we get from people at events, shows and in general about The Campfire is amazing – so thank you for reading and enjoying.

We wanted to take stake of where we are at with The Campfire and make sure we are delivering what you want, but also identify any areas for improvement or change that would see more if you enjoying it.

Normally we would do a survey here and gather information that way – but we thought we’d keep it much more simple and take your responses to this article directly. So feel free to post what you want to see changed if any, in the reply section below.

Good, bad or indifferent we want to hear it. Want to be able to submit your own trip reports or stories? – pop it in there – want to have a regular weekly readers rides section with prizes for the best photos? pop it in there! Not happy with the logo or the delivery format – pop it in!

Anything goes! This year we are going to focus on a lot more grass roots activities, this is the first step, so make your feedback on our weekly newsletter count!

Happy Touring



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Comments 34

  1. Please make a list of services providers for remote recovery. It’s one thing to have coverage by satellite phone and another to know who to call.

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  2. Hi All,
    Like all that is done I’m in my third year and love it
    The only gripe is not getting a notice saying that my policy is payed

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  3. Recently I contacted you for a quote for insurance for an Ultimate Off-road Camper Trailer. As I have current policies with you and I am a frequent off-road traveller for work and recreation it seemed an obvious choice…….. I was surprised not only that RACV was around $200 Cheaper rather that the response from your call taker…..couldn’t seem to care and didn’t want to discuss options or offer a competitive rate and was only to happy to leave me hanging quickly. They couldn’t get me off the phone fast enough.

    Just some feedback not malice just honest.



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      I apologise that you received a service that didn’t meet your standards. To me, if you are comparing us to RACV from a premium perspective, then our consultant didn’t do enough to educate you on the reasons why we would be more expensive.

      It’s apples and oranges – its just a matter of whether you feel what we offer is worth the extra.

      if you would like a call back please send on your details to and attention your email to Kalen


      1. I’m not happy either Kalen. Been with Club for 2 years, no claims, and for my next renewal the premium has jumped $20 per month. I rang on a Tuesday and queried it and the girl ( I have her name ) said she would query it with the underwriters as she to thought it was a bit excessive and get back to me later in the day. Apparently she tried to ring me on Thursday but couldn’t leave a message. I had no missed calls. I rang a couple of times on Friday and just sat on hold. In the end I left a message to ring me. I still hadn’t heard anything by Monday afternoon so I rang again. Finally got through and was told the premium is what it is because they have had a lot of claims. So I’ve done everything right and now I have to fork out more per month in my 3rd year because of other peoples misfortune or wrong doing. I said maybe I should think of getting a quote from somewhere else if you can’t do any better than that and was told again they can’t do anything for me. I used to love the show, the magazine (I’m a subscriber) and then the insurance when it came along. This whole insurance thing has left a sour taste in my mouth and makes me wonder what the whole claim process would be like if this is how you try to keep your existing customers. I suppose I’ve got till the 16th now to get some quotes and decide if I’m sticking with you or not. And if I don’t, I won’t be watching Pat’s show with him telling me how good the insurance is or continue subscribing to the magazine. I’ve done nothing but yell to anyone that would listen around the campsite when it came to 4×4 insurance about what you covered and why it was worth what it was. Now I will just tell them if they get a quote from Club4X4, keep in mind that as your car gets older the premium goes up. I should probably check the market value to see if it’s gone up next year too.
        Paul Barker

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          Thanks for the detailed comments here – premium is always going to be a problematic point when it comes to an insurance product – we always think or hope we are never going to use it.

          As always, you are free to shop around and i personally always recommend it. What i don’t recommend is that you compare us purely on price. Having looked at your policy in detail, you have a a Nissan Patrol that is almost 10 years old covered at market value with almost $30,000 in accessories. You have also noted a couple of portable items that are covered under our Australia Wide Portable Valuable policy – theft, damage or loss coverage anywhere in Australia – the sort of coverage you cant get access to other than a Home Contents policy and will pay a pretty penny for.

          I would challenge any insurance product to offer you what we have above – let alone off-road recovery, a very clear position on where you are covered – no gazetted or non gazetted jargon, choice of repairer etc etc.

          What we know for a fact is that the market has risen significantly over the last 18 months – but has their coverage risen to meet where we are at?


  4. Overall very happy with the services of Club4x4 and go out of my way to let people know that Im with them.

    The only thing Im not a huge fan of is limiting my cover to a certain amount even though the market value of the vehicle is worth so much more. The only reason for this is because I have had to replace a panel in a different colour (due to availability) and I was being told I had to complete a whole re-spray of the vehicle before I could be covered for anymore.

    Makes me think of going elsewhere everytime the topic of 4wd insurance is brought up.

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      Hi Matt,

      Understandable that you’re disappointed. A misaligned or different coloured panel can cause us dramas later on from a repair perspective. The process of repairing sometimes requires blending of paint – obliviously in this case if we needed to blend into that guard then we would actually need to paint the whole panel then blend into another one or many panels to get the repair done right.

      I disagree you needed to paint the whole thing and if someone told you that based on a single panel being different they will get a talking too – in my opinion (without seeing the car) you just needed to get that panel painted. Happy to look at it if you want – email and attention Kalen. Send me your policy number and a photo of the car


  5. I am heading up to the flinders rangers in June.I would like to know what places people suggest I should do, am thinking camping at Wilpena pound for 3 or 4 nights then go to north flinders

  6. This may fly in the face of why insurance is in place for but I hope wishes maybe share by other like minded policy holders as none of us want our trucks damaged by others either on the road or in the workshop.

    What I am talking about is having other people touching your pride and joy when you have seen and been told so many horror stories of very poor quality work performed on customers vehicles not always apparent until something falls apart or breaks down on the track sometimes a year or two after you have had to dismantle something and the sorry evidence is there for all to see.

    To clarify, I am talking about insurance making concessions for the owner to carry out himself some of the repairs himself or at least be allowed to vet at every stage the quality of work being carried by the repairer on accident repairs from dismantling, mechanical repairs, painting and assembly if requested by the owner at any stage in the repairers workshop.

    I have always done all my own mechanical work on my vehicles from purchase, this includes all servicing and maintenance repairs. Although I am not a qualified mechanic or crash repair technician I have an engineering background, I read and research in depth before I start any work. Maybe this is because I have always been a car nut and want everything I own to last forever or maybe it is because I have a Landrover Defender and never want the sneer from drivers of other brands if it breaks down. I must be doing something right as I have never needed the assistance of the RACQ for any of my vehicles over the last 40 years or ever been let down by my defender that tows our large caravan all over the country in the 18 years I have owned it.

    If the unavoidable does happen and my vehicle is involved in a crash can 4X4 insurance allow the owner to project manage repairs others will have to do and if he so wishes allow the owner to reassemble what he wants to do on his vehicle to make sure everything is done to a standard he is happy with. This may mean some labor cost allowances can be retained by the insurance claim and used if necessary at a later stage if problems arise.

    I know this could be seen as a radical change in vehicle insurance but enthusiasts some of us are and these are the ones that would certainly understand where I am coming from.

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      Very different thinking – i do like it.

      But it would require a complete rethinking of all facets of the product – from the wording, to the pricing to the claims side – it is a significant change.

      one that id like to mull over a little more.


  7. Hi Guys,

    I love everything you guys do. Only thing I would say is that it would be nice to have members only competitions. Most companies always make current members feel left behind in favour of the new guys.
    While i understand new members make for a more profitable business, keeping the old members is also necessary.

    Perhaps consider some things for the current members only.

    Keep up the great work.

    Kind Regards,

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      hey Andrew,

      We do get this a lot – its about balancing. We are hoping this year to do more for our members, grassroots things like drive days celebrity sessions and other activities.

      Stay tuned


  8. Accredited 4×4 driving, recovery and towing training days through 3rd party organisations are expensive. I would like to see for Club 4×4 members heavily discounted training days by accredited suppliers and subsidised by Club 4×4. I would be prepared to travel some distance to one and make it into a touring holiday, short or long as necessary.

    Hopefully I get to be a better 4×4 driver and you get your risk reduced.


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  9. Agree with Guy Balasso. Just renewed mine. Received a reminder by email 17 days prior to policy renewal date. Another with 7 days to go. My policy didn’t need changes so allowed the automatic renewal to proceed. The renewal date was 26 Feb. Here we are 4 days later and no contact from Club 4×4. Had to check the credit card had been debited. Should be better.

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  10. I am currently working through a claim at the moment and it has not been a great experience. Initially I was asked to get a quote and send photos with no support or guidance around repaired in my area or anything. I have done as asked and now the quote has come through I have been asked to get additional quotes which is very frustrating as now there are further delays on getting my rig fixed I am displaced having to get further quotes. Which all could have been avoided with some support and guidance at the beginning of the process. I also goes against the claim that we can choose our own repairer. Is that for real or just sales talk????

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      Adam – i have sent you an email directly and i’d like to support you run through this claim personally – just respond when you have the time.


  11. Hi Team,

    You mentioned drive days in the reply to Andrew Huntley above – what about offering unique tag-along off road adventures just for members of a week’s duration or even longer? Some of the off road camper companies offer these sorts of events – perhaps your members would be interested in well planned events that would not be ‘brand’ restricted – I know I would be.

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      precisely the sort of thing we are thinking Dan – going places that you normally cannot or aren’t allowed too.

  12. Just received by insurance renewal notification
    The only issue is that there is no payment details
    Do you have to call up each time to renew?

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      Hi Howard – if you paid by Credit Card, we will automatically renew unless you call us to cancel peer our covering letter.

      Hope that clarifies things

  13. An insurance company needs to be in the business of dealing with, and paying, claims. I had 18 years as a rep with AMP from 1986 to 2004. For most of this time I had a large general insurance register in a small country town. I was told at the start, “No-one remembers the price of last year’s premium, but everyone remembers the amount they were paid for a claim forever, and how they were treated”. Of course, in a small town, you can’t expect to have any business unless everyone is treated fairly, and in those days, it was very comforting to AMP General Insurance behind me. I learned the need for “Agreed Value” policies during this time, and I have never held anything else since.
    So any fool can take your premium. It’s how the client is treated when a claim occurs that makes or breaks the company’s name.
    A friend of mine has recently had a large home building claim partly denied after being taken in by Youi’s TV advertising, and a cheap premium. He was treated immorally and probably illegally during the claim, but he was too nice a person to take the company to the Department of Fair Trading. However, neither he, nor any of his friends, will ever forget how he was treated. Price becomes a minor part of the picture in situations like this.

    Personally, I hope I never have to find out how good Club 4X4 is, in their treatment of clients with claims!
    I hope to stay away from events that mean claims must be made, but nevertheless I find the realistic amounts of cover that Club 4X4 offer for both my Landcruiser and my caravan give me much greater peace of mind than I had with any other insurer.

  14. Hi club 4×4,
    I have now been a happy Club 4×4 member for 3 years and as a result of my membership my friend has also taken up your insurance for a 4×4 and a caravan. Unfortunately both of us,and at different times have had a windscreen claim. We received good service and windscreens were repaired.
    Since I purchased my Patrol I have driven more than twice around the world,that is 54000kms in Australia of which 2000 was local kms. As I have a cheap town runabout I always de Register and de Insure the Patrol after trips. So it sits in the shed waiting impatiently for its next outback expedition.How can we make short term insurance for seasonal travel work without all the added overheads?
    I am sure Club 4×4 would get many more members if seasonal or short term insurance was offered. Many of my friends are not using their rigs constantly and rego and insurance just slips away whilst their 4×4 are sitting without use. Andre

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  15. Hi Kalen,

    As Andre Podgorski has mentioned seasonal or short term insurance on caravans and camper trailer would be great.

    Cheers, Terry

    1. Post

      G’day Terry,

      Yep – a good one that i’ve jotted down. In the meantime, we have our Laid-up cover – which minimised coverage for a reduced premium during certain seasons where you know you wont be towing.



  16. Last year my caravan insurance went up by 50% it took me several months before i realised this and when i rang up to query about it the person on the phone said well we had to bring our prices up into line with everyone else and didn’t give a toss or want to explain or discuss anything about it otherwise.
    I asked another mate and he had to go check and discover he had been paying more for several months as well.
    I swapped to you guys and it was only $9 a year difference so it definetly wasn’t a money thing as i am a local to you guys and like to support someone small.
    Having recently have my truck written off and everything paid out within 2 weeks with the other insurer i will probably be going back.
    I priced my new truck up with you and it was over a 100% dearer again so went back to my original insurer. The girl I was quoted from was fantastic to deal with though and I would’ve like to have done my new policy with you but couldn’t.

    I was disappointed in the response i recieved from the person on the phone regarding my van premium so this is why I have filled this out.

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      Hi Scott,

      I sincerely apologise about the service when you called about your van – i will personally coach the team to better perform when communicating about changes. Ultimately though, we experienced a large number of claims with caravan because we cover off road – and we clearly tell you that. In order to sustain the product and keep trading we needed to go up in price – in line with the rest of the market.



  17. hi, i am trying to open a new policy with you guys, but am constantly on hold, today twice for around an hour each time, i need to take out the cover as i pick up my new car this week?

    please ring me

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