Case Studies…

Case 1 – Bogged on the Beach

What happened?

You’ve taken you truck and the kids out to the beaches on the mid north coast of NSW and have become bogged in the soft sand with an approaching high tide. The kids are safely out of harm’s way but even though the truck has power to all four wheels it is firmly stuck. A couple of people on the beach have tried to recover you but with no luck.

Your options

Your policy includes $1500 worth of Off-Road recovery. This means you can call on a recovery or towing service to get you out of the bog. Because the truck is still driveable you can only have it removed from the bogged situation and moved to a safe place nearby where you can continue your journey.

Then what?

Simply arrange the recovery from a licensed and registered Towing or Recovery Agent, explaining that you only need to be recovered out of the stuck situation. You then pay for it and call Club 4X4 to lodge a claim. You then send your Tax Invoice into us and we will reimburse you net of your payable excess.

Case 2 – Broken down in the Simpson

What happened?

You’re out with a convoy of friends from your 4X4 Club and you’ve broken down travelling on the Madigan line through the Simpson Desert. You’ve tried to repair the broken universal joint on the tail-shaft to no avail and getting towed out by a friend is out of the question.

Your Options

Knowing that you were undertaking this trip, when you took out your Comprehensive Motor policy with Club 4X4 you elected to pay the extra premium to have up to $30,000 coverage for off-road recovery.

Before you left for the trip you researched the names and details of recovery agents and towing companies in the areas where you were travelling, so the call to the recovery company was a swift one. They explained that they would get there about midday the following day, given it was already late in the afternoon. They explained the fee and you accepted to pay a component now with the rest when your truck gets to Birdsville; the nearest town given there are no closer sealed roads.

Then what?

Your truck gets delivered to Birdsville where repair takes place over the next day. During this time you call Club 4X4 to lodge a claim for your recovery, they let you know where to send the paid Tax Invoice once it is made available to you. Your recovery is reimbursed net of your payable excess within 10 business days once the claim is accepted.