Campsite Restored!

You may remember last month, we ran the story of a campsite that was knocked off while a couple of blokes were out taking photos in the Barrington Tops. We reached out to our mates over at OzTent to see if we could right this wrong, and get these blokes campsite restored.

As you’ll see, the good folks over at OzTent offered up a bunch of stuff for the guys, including a pair of RS-1 tents, pair of sleeping bags, as well as some heat packs for the next time they’re in the snow. Hopefully this gets Isaiah and Jasper back out on the tracks getting some of those epic landscape shots we’ve come to love!

The boys' campsite prior to being stolen
The boys’ campsite Sunday night before everything went walk-about

Hope you guys enjoy the new gear, and we’re just glad we were able to help have your campsite restored!

 Article from mr4x4

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Comments 4

  1. It’s an unwritten code of survival you do not mess with another’s campsite, let alone thieve everything in sight. Especially in the trying conditions these young mates were enduring. Don’t let this incident stop the passion of photography and exploring our own back yard.

    To those opportunistic thieves, it may not be today or next week, karma has a way of catching up to you.

  2. bet you would have loved to catch them, can,t understand why people do this as camping gear is not that dear that you can,t buy your own ! they are just the kind that would bash and rob poor old granny instead of getting a job and earn their own money, hope it don,t happen again to you,

  3. That’s great stuff. Well done from those at Mr. 4×4 & OzTents. It’s always a thought in the back of my mind when camping. Will all my gear be there when I get back to camp, especially when staying in a caravan park with the family.

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