Is your camper covered where your vehicle takes it!?

By now you have probably heard all about our market leading coverage for your fourby when it comes to off-road recovery, Australia-wide coverage, accessories cover and more – but what about insuring your home-away-from-home?

Fun fact – our research has indicated that 60% of 4X4 owners tow with their vehicle (at least occasionally), and a whopping 90% of caravan/camper trailer owners tow with a 4X4!

Caravan/camper trailer insurance has been the source of great frustration for so many of us over the years as insurers have seemingly made a concerted to ensure that you cannot find everything you need in one place. This difficulty is compounded even further once you start talking to them about going off-road, adding touring accessories, laid-up coverage and so on. We know that you can relate to this, so please read on.

To speak very generally, there are two types of customers that we interact with on a daily basis;

  1. People who are focused solely on finding the lowest annual premium
  2. People who shop around to ensure that their insurance policy is tailored to their needs and that it provides adequate coverage for their intended usage

If you belong to the first group, it is likely that you have been able to fulfil your needs each year by shopping around and saving considerable amounts on your renewal as prices change every year. However, if you belong to the latter, you have likely been forced to either stay with your insurer out of a lack of options or been forced to insure your vehicle and camper separately to try and get the best policy individually for each.

The issue with this is that all companies have different policy wordings and they are not designed to cater for one another in the event for loss or damage. For example, if your vehicle policy covers you off-road but your camper policy does not you can find yourself in a very sticky situation organising how you are going to transport your camper out of the bush when your car has been taken off to be repaired. On top of this, even if they are both covered you also have to deal with two different companies throughout the claims process which can cause headaches at the best of times.

As a result of issues such as this, we have worked long and hard to develop a product for both your touring rig and your home-away-from-home that are in sync with one another when it comes to claim time. The result – a solid comprehensive product that covers you for the vital insured events such as weather events, accidents, theft and malicious damage to name a few, but also one that provides the more specific features and benefits needed by the 4X4 enthusiast. Please see a few examples of the benefits of our caravan/camper trailer policy:

  • Laid up cover (Yes you read that right!)
  • Australia-wide coverage (Yep, even off-road!)
  • Towing allowance (if your vehicle breaks down and your roadside won’t help)
  • Cover for your accessories and modifications (on top of the camper value!)
  • And much more

We have only briefly listed some key points here as we will be going into much greater depth about our market leading coverage over the next few weeks. If you get curious in the meantime, our full policy wording can be found here.

Until next week,

Happy touring!

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Comments 13

  1. why when I rang for a quote and received a fair bit higher quote than comparable service policies was I told that you do not really like caravan policies cbecause they are high risk ?

    1. Hi Robert, Thanks for your comment.

      I would firstly like to make clear that the above is certainly not the our view of caravans as they are a major part of our touring industry. Please accept my apologies if this is how the consultant you spoke to came across when you were quoting. To address the pricing difference, we are certainly not always going to be the cheapest when it comes to insuring your caravan as our aim is to provide the best policy we can that is tailored to the needs of the touring enthusiast. Often that means that our claims costs are quite large based on the logistics of remote claims as well as the unique benefits of our policy.

      I hope this has cleared up some of your concerns, if you have any further questions please let me know and I can have a staff member contact you to discuss further.

      Kind Regards, Jackson

  2. Folks
    Recently got a quote from you for my new AOR Quantum camper which was nearly twice that of a well respected competitor – and the competitor provides coverage anywhere in Australia including offroad. Was quite a surprise !

    1. Hi John,

      Thanks for your comment. As stated in the article we are often more expensive than some of our competitors due to the nature of our policy which has some unique features and benefits tailored to the touring enthusiast.

      However, if you would like us to look into it further for you to ensure the quote is accurate please e-mail you name and quote number to and we can get it looked at for you.

      Kind Regards, Jackson

  3. Dear Sir,

    I have a 200 Series Landcruiser (BLKMMA) insured with you and would like a quote for my 2016 Dreamseeker Off-Road caravan.
    Could you please send me the appropriate forms?

    Jon May

  4. I got a quote off Club 4×4 for my Patriot X1 2 months before I was going to pick it up. When I rang to organise a policy for it the price had gone from the original quote $452.83 to over $900.00. Hows that work?

    1. Hi Justin,

      Thanks for your comment.

      We have had some premium changes over the last few months but this seems to be quite a big increase. Can you please email your quote number to and attention Jackson I will have this looked at for you and get straight back to you.

      Cheers, Jackson

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