Busting Through Bulldust

If you are reading this story, the chances are that you have a 4WD which you have taken to the next level, to assist you in getting out to see some of Australia’s amazing places. …

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Dec 01 2022
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If you are reading this story, the chances are that you have a 4WD which you have taken to the next level, to assist you in getting out to see some of Australia’s amazing places.

Offroad Images are extremely proud of what we do and as photographers of 4WDs, we chase stunning locations at the right times of the year to provide us dramatic results in our imagery. We also travel great distances to get there. It makes sense to be at the right locations to ensure that you can show a well set-up vehicle doing what it was designed to do.

This also requires a lot of preparation, communication and trust from the client and property owners, both before and during a photoshoot.

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The trust from the client is that you will create what they need whilst looking after their investment. We have a great reputation for creating the right image in the right location which suits the vehicle the client has provided you, and we also have trust that we will look after the investment in the vehicle set-up for the client during the photoshoot.

We have also created amazing friendships with many property owners around Australia who trust us to look after their property whilst creating our imagery. They love what we do and are extremely happy to see us return each time to create amazing imagery on their station properties. We always communicate with them explaining what style of imagery we are after and talk to them about weather and land conditions, through to stock control, all to ensure that we understand their needs.

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We were on a photoshoot with ARB and Toby Price travelling through South Australia. This required much communication with various National Parks and Station Property owners to ensure things went without any problems.

One of the properties we wanted Toby to travel through was Willow Springs, and with representatives from ARBs Marketing Team, we headed to the site.

Willow Springs Station, also known as Skytrek, has been set-up to cater for the adventurer in all of us 4WDers. It has camping and accommodation but most importantly, it has a self-drive touring track designed to allow you to both see a variety of terrains and test your 4WDing abilities. These tracks are not crazy extreme but carry so many different looks in a round trip which will take us the best part of the day including all the filming.

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There are some stunning sights along the way. You will travel through dry creek beds meandering through the gums and old pines, proceed onto flat plains with some great photo opportunities including an old hut and windmills, and if you time things right, you’ll be finishing in the late afternoon driving amazing hill climbs taking you to some of the best views in the Flinders Ranges.

I knew that on this station there were going to be a couple of excellent locations for serious bulldust. After talking to Michelle from Willow Springs Station, I was extremely keen for this leg of the journey as the conditions were just right.

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Now I am on camera and much of the time my wife Gabrielle looks after the driving of the Mighty 79 whilst we are photographing it and filming it through different terrains. She calls herself a “Professional Stunt Driver” and usually is a little timid through the terrain to look after the vehicle.

We found a super soft patch of white powder bull dust, so I called for the shot. This would be where we shoot an epic set of shots of each vehicle approaching and driving through bull dust. The sort of shot which will make people understand that to travel out in the outback, you will need the right equipment, just like the gear on these vehicles. Funny enough, I am after a little action when shooting this style of imagery, so I kind of ask for a little more energy than what Gab would drive. But on this occasion, with the camera at ready, Gab drove through the extremely thick bulldust which exploded as though someone had cast a full bucket straight over the bonnet. The call from Gab on the radio was a classic… “What was that?” … lol.

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I must admit, this set of images holds itself with pride of place on our website.

We love travelling to places like this as they are amazing. But the most important thing is that I know, even in these remote areas, as long as I am allowed to be in an area, I am insured as I have coverage by Club 4X4.

There are plenty of special locations in Australia where we head as photographers to photograph and film bulldust, just to capture the right look for the right vehicle. I’d love to know where in this great country you have found the best… or should I say, worst bulldust?

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-Michael Ellem

Offroad Images

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