Rewarding Safe Drivers

If accidents didn’t happen, insurance wouldn’t exist, but we feel that safe drivers who take steps to reduce risk should be rewarded.

Club 4X4 Insurance
Feb 29 2024

At Club 4X4 Insurance, we value the importance of safe driving, on-road and off-road. Sure, safe drivers are less likely to make a claim, which affects our customers’ insurance premiums, but there’s more to it than that.

We encourage customers to have adventures with their vehicles, whatever that means to them and wherever that road (or lack thereof) may lead. Australians face a diverse range of risks behind the wheel, especially in regional and remote areas, so we feel that customers who take steps to become safer drivers should be rewarded.

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Drivers who have completed driver training generally become safer drivers; sounds obvious, right? That’s why completing off-road or towing driver training that includes both theoretical and practical elements can positively affect Club 4X4 Insurance premiums.

If a customer has completed recognised driver training in the last 5 years, this can be a positive rating factor, joining information like location and driving history to inform a customer’s risk profile and calculate their premium. Any previous driver-training-related savings applied to an existing policy remain in place.

We recognise eligible training from Registered Training Organisations (RTOs), with Getabout and Tow-Ed offering our customers a discount on their training and even training some of our staff! In response to customer feedback, we also recognise eligible training from non-RTO facilitators,including4WD clubs, emergency services and military bodies.

We proudly support 4WD clubs as ambassadors of safely and sustainably enjoying our favourite hobby and offer members of 4WD clubs that we are partnered with a 5% discount. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or Tiktok and keep up to date with our initiatives to protect the lifestyle we love for generations to come, like our sponsorship of the K’Gari Clean-Up.

Many 4WD clubs offer driver training that members must complete before joining club trips. Pair an eligible driver training course from a 4WD club and a 5% discount for members of clubs that we’re partnered with, and you could skill up and save at the same time!

Have an idea of other ways that we can reward safe drivers? We’d love to hear from you.

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