Meet Danie, Mars & OlBoy – The 75 Series Of Your Dreams

Danielle Simpson is a HV Mechanic based in Far North Queensland with an adventurous four-legged friend Mars, and two fourbies that most enthusiasts would dream of.

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Sep 06 2023
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Danielle Simpson is a HV Mechanic based in Far North Queensland with an adventurous four-legged friend Mars, and two fourbies that most enthusiasts would dream of.

One of these iconic 4X4s is OlBoy – a 75 Series Landcruiser with an epic build that is now insured with Club 4X4.

Q. So Danie, how did you get into camping & touring?

A. We grew up camping as children, but I never really got into 4wds until my teens. All my friends had 4WDs and I really got tired of sitting passenger so started looking for my own!

Q. What inspired you to become a mechanic?

A. I purchased my first 4WD, my 1991 Toyota Landcruiser known as OlBoy in 2011 and I still daily drive that same 4WD today. But when I first got him, I didn't know much about mechanics, but I was studying at university and only worked casually, so my funds weren't huge.

To save money I started doing little jobs myself, servicing, swivel hub rebuilds and eventually installed my own front locker using workshop manuals and YouTube. The feeling of upgrading a 4WD or fixing your 4WD all on your own I found super motivating and I actually left uni to go get my trade.

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Q. Now tell us about Mars! Does he go travelling with you? And what's your favourite dog-friendly destination?

A. Yes, he always comes (unless it's a national park). But our favourite spot is any beach. There is nothing like waking up to the sound of crashing waves, and Mars loves laying in the shallow water to cool off.

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Q. And what about you – what is your favourite destination so far?

A. Definitely K’gari (previously Fraser Island). Absolutely nothing beats the western side of the island and seeing the sunset over the water which for an east coast girl is pretty rare!

Q. Do you have a bucket list destination you’re itching to reach?

A. I haven't done the Cape yet! Been about halfway, but never in my own car, and never all the way to the tip.

Q. So what made you settle on buying a 75 series Landcruiser?

A. I looked at a lot of different makes and models, but I was always drawn to the Toyota Landcruiser’s and their history and good name in Australia. I found a stock standard 75 Series - no tray or bullbar… it even still had an AM tape deck! Plus, it was a decent price, so I couldn't say no.

Q. What other vehicles did you consider at the time?

A. One of the coolest/strangest cars I looked at was a Daihatsu Scat (basically a mini Landcruiser) with a turbo diesel motor swapped into it. But it wasn't registered and needed a lot of work to get on the road. At the time I wasn't a mechanic… but today I would 100% be interested!

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Q. So – let’s talk through your (extensive) modifications list on OlBoy

A. Here's my current mods list...

  • Rims: @methodracewheels 304 in 15x10 -50
  • Tyres: @nitto_tyres_australia Mud Grapplers 33x13.5R15
  • Suspension: @terraintamer4wd 500kg parabolic springs w/ @dobinsonssprings MRA 3-way adjustable 11" shocks and @airbagmansuspension rear airbags w/ onboard air.
  • Canopies: @dynamicslideoncamper Insulated Dog Box 800mm & Rear Lift off Box 1100mm
  • Tray: @dynamicslideoncamper Premium Tray 2275mm long x 1800mm wide
  • RTT: @dynamicslideoncamper custom hard-shell 2300mm x 1600mm
  • 12V system: @enerdrive_australia The Adventurer Power System w/ 200Ah Lithium battery and 160W solar
  • Fridge: @dometic CRX80 upright fridge w/ @coreoff_road
  • mounting
  • Driveline: @4wdsystems front auto Lokka and @harropperformance rear Elocker
  • Roof rack: @frontrunneraustralia Slimline Rack
  • Bash plates: @custom_offroad_bashplates Driveline & Radiator plates
  • Lighting: 40" bar & 7" driving lights @bushranger4x4gear
  • Headlights: HID RGB projectors @micks_projector_retrofits
  • Indicators: Side lamps and chrome grille are from eBay
  • Side steps: @jrace_industries
  • Snorkel/Airbox: @jrace_industries
  • Awning: @arq4wd 270°
  • Winch: 12500lb VRS w/ @factor55 Ultrahook
  • Head unit: @kenwood_au DDX919
  • Flares: @kutsnakeaustralia
  • Mudflaps: Laser engraved, and paint pen painted

Q. Wow! That sounds like a hell of a lot of work. How long has It taken you from start to finish?

A. I've owned the vehicle for 12 years and it's never really been finished. It just continues to change as my needs in life change.

Q. Is there anything unique about your set up to others that you love?

A. Probably my custom-built dog box. I've never seen a bigger, more well-built dog box. It's huge and all-purpose built just for Mars. It's incredibly well Insulated because being in Nth Qld it does gets very hot. For me there's no point having a cool 4WD if my best mate can't come and isn't comfy.

Q. And by the looks you’ve got a 2nd build underway. What was the inspiration for this one?

A. The 76 Series is a business vehicle for JRace Industries. But my second 4WD build is a 12HT 1988 Sahara 60 Series… I've always loved the 60 Series and the wagon look is something different for me.

Q. What prompted you to want to build a 2nd 4X4?

A. To do something different. Most things on the 75 are done or being refined. To start from scratch in this day and age with so many aftermarket options is very different to when I started the 75.

Q. And finally – are you planning to keep both? And if yes - how will their set ups vary?

A. Yes, definitely keep both. The 60 Series will be for more casual touring and trying to keep it in good condition for years to come. I love the unique style of the Sahara 60 Series and I'd love to preserve that as much as possible.

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You can follow Danie and keep up to date with her vehicle builds and travels below:

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