Two Weeks on The Dirt with Pat Callinan

We sat down with Sam to get the nitty gritty on his two weeks on the road with Pat, and what seems like an all-seasons trip.

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Mar 06 2024

Late last year, Sam, one of the underwriters at Club 4X4 Insurance, hit the dirt with Pat Callinan as a part of Season 16 (airing Feb/March 2024). We sat down with Sam to get the nitty gritty on his two weeks on the road with Pat, and what seems like an all-seasons trip.

Q. Alright let's kick this off – where did you start and where did you finish?

A.I started my section of the trip by meeting the guys at Jenolan Caves in the Blue mountains and finished at the top of the blue Rag track in the Victorian high country.

Q. What were you expecting the trip to be before you hit the road?

As I geared up for the trip, I honestly didn't have any big expectations. I was just stoked to be part of the adventure and excited to check out some new tracks I hadn't hit before.

Q. In terms of the vehicle, what modifications or preparations did you make to get it ready for the trip?

A. Luckily for me, our Ford Everest was set up by Leana in the marketing team with a good quality suspension and a fantastic lithium battery set up. Before embarking on the trip the Everest was equipped with a new awning from the team at Bushwakka.

Q. Were there any unexpected challenges you encountered, and how did you overcome them?

A. Travelling amidst the rain was a new experience for me when it came to off-roading and camping. While it certainly posed some challenges on the tracks, it also brought about stunning landscapes and added an element of excitement to our recoveries with the team.

Q. How did you handle the balance between enjoying the journey and being on camera?

A. Being in front of a camera was something new for me, but with Pat's great guidance and a couple of beers to ease the nerves, it became a lot easier!

As we went through filming and traveling, I really got into the whole process. Seeing how the team worked behind the scenes was super interesting. I took on the challenge and had a blast enjoying every part of the journey. 

Q. Were there any locations that left a lasting impression on you during the trip?

A. Absolutely. Especially the very last camp spot I visited with the team, which was the Blue Rag track in the Victorian High Country. The first day we arrived there, the weather gave us some reprieve from the rain and welcomed us with a beautiful blue sky and sunshine, creating stunning views of the scenery. It was a nice reminder of how lucky we are to live in a country with such varied landscapes. I certainly won't forget the range of wildflowers seen along the tracks.

Q. Can you share your favourite moment or highlight from the trip?

A. I quickly discovered that at most camp spots we visited, I could establish a morning ritual of enjoying a cuppa and a refreshing swim in the fresh water creeks. Along with this, cooking for the team became something I genuinely enjoyed. There's nothing quite like preparing a good meal and sharing it with a great group of people while making some awesome memories over beers.

Q. Speaking of cooking for the team... what recipes do you have to share with us?

A. So I've got my infamous Trailblazer Pad Thai, Boozy Bacon BBQ Burger and my Ultimate Sizzling Steak Sanga... happy cooking!

You can tune in and watch Season 16 of Pat Callinan's 4X4 Adventures on 10 Play.

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