Come Say G’day to Club 4X4 At the Big Red Bash!

Club 4X4 Insurance is proud to be a major sponsor of the Outback Music Festival Group across the Big Red Bash and Mundi Mundi Bash, and we are looking forward to enjoying the festivals with …

Club 4X4 Insurance
Jun 13 2023

Did you know that 2023 celebrates the 10-year anniversary of the Big Red Bash?

From its humble beginnings, the Big Red Bash kicked off at the top of Big Red, with John Williamson and a group of runners who had just completed a demanding 250K ultra-marathon trek through the Simpson Desert.

Fast forward to 2023 and the Big Red Bash is celebrating its 10th anniversary and its continued proud record as the World’s Most Remote Music Festival!

However, holding this title doesn’t come without adventure…

A typical trek into the Big Red Bash can be hours or days’ worth of travel for some, and the most common way to get there is often a 4X4 that is towing a caravan or camper trailer with enough gear to keep you comfortable off-grid.

It’s for this reason that we felt like Club 4X4 Insurance would make for such a great fit as a major sponsor of the Outback Music Festival Group. Our insurance coverage specialises in vehicles and touring rigs like what many of you will be travelling in, with coverage options for the modifications and gear that you’re taking with you.

Be sure to come and say g’day to the Club 4X4 Insurance team at the Big Red Bash. We met and shared stories with so many of you at Mundi Mundi last year and can’t wait to do the same again. We share the same passion and enthusiasm for the outdoors, and we love doing what you love doing! Think about it – a music festival with an epic line up, under the stars at the start of the Simpson Desert? What better winter adventure could you ask for!

Here are some of our favourite shots from Mundi Mundi 2022:

If you haven’t left yet, or are looking for some sightseeing along the way – the Big Red Bash Team have done a fantastic job putting together some travel guides from each capital city into Bashville.

  • Adelaide to Big Red BashApproximately 14 hours driving time or 5 days sightseeing
  • Brisbane to Big Red BashApproximately 17 hours driving time or 4 days sightseeing
  • Darwin to Big Red BashApproximately 25 hours driving time or 5 days sightseeing
  • Melbourne to Big Red BashApproximately 30 hours driving time or 5 days sightseeing
  • Sydney to Big Red BashApproximately 26 hours driving time or 5 days sightseeing
  • Perth to Big Red BashApproximately 45 hours driving time or 8 days sightseeing

So, if you’re still planning your route, or are going with the flow and want to keep an eye out for some cool sightseeing activities and destinations, checkout the Travel Guides from the Big Red Bash!

Oh and if the Simpson Desert is on your bucket list while you’re enjoying a festival on its doorstep, be sure to check out our Simpson Desert Adventures – Part 1 & Part 2.

Club 4X4 Insurance