Aussie-Developed Ford Bronco Coming

Ford’s historic and iconic Bronco nameplate is coming back, and it’s getting developed here in Australia alongside a new Ranger ute (due in 2019). Details are scant so far, and we aren’t even sure if it’s coming to Australia. But it is coming back to the USA at least.

If we put on our rose-coloured glasses, the Bronco will be a good looking, capable and fun lifestyle-oriented 4WD, with genuine off-road prowess and retro-cool appeal. We’d wager it’s going to take a leaf out of Toyota’s book and do something similar to the old-school-cool Prado-based FJ Cruiser.

There is also talk of the Bronco sporting front and rear live axles. While we’d love to pull wool over our own eyes and believe this, we simply cannot until it is officially confirmed. Considering the Bronco is being developed alongside a new Ford Ranger, adding old-tech live-axle complexities to the development of an IFS vehicle just doesn’t make sense.


This article was originally posted by Unsealed 4X4.

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Comments 7

  1. The pity of it is that it will more than likely have a thumping big petrol guzzling engine and who in their right mind would go bush in it.
    Diesel’s the way to go. Maybe a 6 litre diesel turbo V8, now that would pull down the harbor bridge! and leave “Tojo” in it’s dust.

    1. Post
    1. I hope so, but ford just want to sell , company and shareholders are more important than customers so they might put a 4 cylinder ecoboost engine in the new Bronco and tell us its the best Bronco ever 🙂

  2. Sounds good but why would they make it in the old school retro FJ style. FJ is not popular and being discontinued. On top of it it needs to be diesel. Big ford 6.4 diesel like the F trucks or it will fail here in Aussie. Look at the last patrol. 5.6L of failure. Can’t do bush in a something that needs to tow a bogey trailer of fuel behind it. Rediculous!! Talk about set yourself up for failure if that’s what they do. Australia needs a big in line 6cyl 4.2 – 4.5 twin turbo with all the power upgrades. We forget easily that the 6cyl cruiser and patrol were and are still the legends of all time in Australia.

  3. as long as last the interest of ford dealers, you can write off issues with a falcon, they are not interested they are only interested in a sale , i am going to a toyota for reliable motoring

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