ARB Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

Article from unsealed4x4

Knowing what your tyres are doing at all times means that the chance for a catastrophic failure is greatly reduced, saving you the expense that comes along with it. This is especially crucial for 4WD enthusiasts who can’t just call roadside assist if one of their tyres goes BANG in the middle of the desert, or remote bushland. ARB understands this and have released a new Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), which crucially has an on and off-road setting. The two setting system allows two ranges of pressure monitoring with the off-road mode 5-30 psi and the on-road 23-80 psi. The TPMS can be bought with either internal, fitted inside the tyre valve, or external sensors, replacement cap design. The internal is fitted with a battery meant to last up to five years and the external up to two, which can easily be replaced. So to avoid a future disaster with your tyres, check out ARB’s new Tyre Pressure Monitoring System. 

RRP Internal for five tyres $408

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