And the 4X4 of the year is….

So the 4X4 Australia 4X4 Of The Year for 2019 has once again come and gone.

Last night, under the auspices of hundreds of motoring industry experts, journalists, industry insiders and other important people, and me – (no idea how I got a ticket) the 2019 4X4 of the year was crowned.

8 shortlisted vehicles (6 of which were utes), were driven over 1,000km over a week of intense testing to determine the winner.  They were judged on the following:

  • Value for money
  • Breaking new ground
  • Build quality
  • Bushability (practicality offroad, and ease of modifying further)
  • Doing the job it was designed for (whether a family wagon or a 4×4 ute)

The shortlisted vehicles included the SSangong Rexton, VW Amarok V6 Core, Ford Ranger XLT, Ford Everest, HSV Colorado Sportcat +, Mahindra Pik-up, Ford Ranger Raptor, and Mercedes Benz X250d.

The Winner

4X4 Australia crowned the Ford Ranger Raptor as their 4X4 of the year.

I have to say, I’m not really surprised. I conducted a very rudimentary review on the Raptor late last year and was particularly impressed with its features, poise and standard equipment.  Whether it will become the chosen vehicle for 4×4 touring vehicle remains unknown,  but it’s pioneering in its setup and as such I feel it is deserving of this recognition.

This is no mean feat for Ford’s Ranger Raptor, pipping such big name rivals such as the Volkswagen’s Amarok and best-selling sibling, Ranger XLT in the process.


For more information about the winning entry click here



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Comments 13

  1. They should include another category in the list. Best customer service for after sales care. Ford would be at the bottom then….

    1. Spot on Harry. Would be interesting to see punters reactions to “after market service”. However I do not believe this or any other magazine of this type would dare criticise any dealership!

    1. Post
  2. Built quality. Haha. Time will tell. It is a Ford. Lol. Best 4×4, well there should have been included comfort as well. Duel cab utes are just that, utes and have that rough suspension.

    At least it wasn’t the Hilux. Lol

  3. That ute of the year shortlist includes a Mahindra and the Benz yet leaves out great utes such as the Dmax and Triton reeks of a sponsored and rigged event. I own a MQ Triton, haven’t driven the Mahindra, but have driven the Dmax and Benz. The Dmax is a good solid ute, the Benz a massively overpriced variation on the Nissan Navara and suffers a reduced payload thanks to all the gadgets etc. It’s a nice “car”, not practical in any way as a “ute”.

    1. G’day Sean,
      Thanks for the comment. We are unsure how they shortlist the entrants – something we’ll go and ask the guys to see if there is any legitimacy to the process…

      1. I’m only guessing, be like some other mags out there, has to be released in that year. In theory the triton and merc 350 next year. As a 4×4 and comfort straight out of a factory, the Raptor would be one of the best out there no matter what year. Costs a bit for that pleasure. Reliability and lasting 400,000 kms is another thing in harsh country is another thing and that it’s tow rating not high enough for a lot.

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