Adventure into Pebbly Beach Yuraygir National Park, New South Wales

Pebbly Beach is definitely a destination to include on your bucket list. It’s such a beautiful spot if you are looking for an adventurous trip with a quiet coastal camping destination. Pebbly Beach is around …

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Sep 08 2022

Pebbly Beach is definitely a destination to include on your bucket list.

It’s such a beautiful spot if you are looking for an adventurous trip with a quiet coastal camping destination.

Pebbly Beach is around 50 kms north of Coffs Harbour in the Yuraygir National Park.

As the name suggests, you’ll find a pebbly sandy foreshore in the area.

Pebbly Beach also has some amazing sand textures and formations that create awesome textures for the photographer.

So where does the “Adventure” come into it?

You’ll start with some dusty tracks before you let your tyres down for Station Creek Beach, which is an absolutely stunning location in itself.

You’ll enjoy driving along the beach on the “Pebbly Trail” heading North East where you’ll change direction North coming to a wide salt water crossing, which looks quite daunting at first. It’s a wide body of water, which actually looks impassable. It is extremely important to note, that this crossing should only be considered at low tide. This is Station Creek, and like any water crossing, it’s best to walk it first as the sand under the water will change daily with the waters movement.

There are usually markers to assist your crossing, but you will need to make the decision as to exactly where you cross and at what time. If you are cautious, the crossing is not difficult at all, but for some, throwing caution to the wind, the adventure can be created through just driving straight across where these guys had no trouble at all.

So what is there to do here?

Most people come here to relax, but there is great fishing, swimming, walking tracks, whale watching and of course, it’s a fabulous site for the photographer.

But the best thing is you can make yourself at home in one of the many campsites, with some allowing for you to see the ocean and sunrise, from your front door.

Some of the sites are right on the beachfront, and others are set back a little for those of you who would prefer a little more shelter. These sites are big enough to take your camper trailer or even a small caravan.

A real plus for camping, here at Pebbly Beach, you can actually camp right beside your vehicle in amongst the she-oak trees. It should be noted, large caravans are not recommended here unfortunately.

There are stunning sunrises but you also need to be prepared for weather. It could be sunny, but its coastal, so be sure you have everything you need in case a weather front comes in. You know what they say, bring the umbrella and it won’t rain. When we were there last, we were on a photoshoot for ARB and we had stunning weather, but also rain. For me, the heavy weather gave us some stunning clouds, so I was happy.

Signage on the way in makes it clear that you need a 4WD with high clearance for this location. It is also clear that you need to bring your firewood with you.

At the time this article was written, the website stated that access to free firewood is available at the Station Creek turnoff. This is probably worth checking at the time when you are booking your trip. All camping requires a booking which can be made online or by calling 1300 072 757. Facilities include a well maintained composting toilet and really clean campsites thanks to the Ranger and his education to travellers.

Speaking of the Ranger, if you want to meet a great guy on-site, this is the bloke who will be able to answer all your questions. Local Ranger Rob was full of conversation assisting us with information in the area. He told us of a few troubles people had on the crossing which were usually because they didn’t think about what they were doing and crossed at the wrong time of the tides.

We hope you get out to see this fabulous destination soon, and for all of you who are insured with Club 4X4 like me, you’ll be comfortable knowing that you are actually covered while travelling in remote areas like this.

-Michael Ellem

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