A reminder on Weight

This week, our friends at RV Daily posted an article about the Police charging a man with offences related to overloading his van (read the story here). We think that starting to see evidence of the Police cracking down on those that don’t manage weight is a positive thing in our opinion – it’s all too often that you see a van turned over or crash where overloading looks like an issue.

We figured that it was worth providing some resources to help anyone towing understand how to make sure they aren’t overloaded.  You can check out some of the videos below.


Loading your van or trailer

Weight Distribution

For a great towing resource and more videos and advice on towing, check out http://towing.rvdaily.com.au/ 


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Comments 3

  1. Hi crew, I have just watched your video on knowing what all the acronyms mean when it comes to legal towing .
    I want to commend you on the perfect accuracy of the content and use of that video .
    I am a Transport Inspector based in WA with over 21 years in the field of weights and measures (Scalies) (Heavies) (Mermaids) and many more colourful names.
    Your video is the best that I have seen to date.
    Kind regards Brad .

  2. Hello Brad… I think you are just the right person to ask!
    We often hear that we can increase our legal towing capacity by “boofing up “ our suspension with after market products. Is this actually true, and if so, how do we get these upgrades recognised….cos I’m guessing that decisions made by the “heavies” on the side of the road would still be based on the compliance plate?

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