A Chat with Michael Ellem

He’s one of the gentlemen of the 4X4 Industry, and one of the best known photographers in the 4X4 industry, having covered everything from off-road events like Tough Truck to product shoots for some of Australia’s best known 4X4 brands.

Despite his success, Michael is one of the most down to earth blokes you’ll meet.  He really cares about people, and this is obvious in the amount of time he dedicates to talking to the public at 4X4 shows or even those that he encounters on the tracks or on the road.

His current camera vehicle, the Mighty 79, is one of the most well known 79 series vehicles in the country and was purpose built to support his ability to travel to remote destinations to capture the magic imagery that he is known for. 

It keeps him off-grid for extended periods when required, and also keeps all of his gear stored, charged, secure and easily accessible.

And yes, it has a Coffee machine (although having been out with Michael and seeing how much he enjoys his coffee and how many times he has a brew every day I can hand on heart say that the inclusion is not a gimmick, but an important part of Michael’s setup).

Our GM Kalen recently got the chance (prior to lockdowns) to get out and corner Michael for a chat about his work and his trucks (he also has a very tidy 60 series).  For your viewing pleasure below…


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  1. Adventure, photography, coffee and 4 wheel driving. The best combination for great times and memories. I hope to see you on the tracks sometime.

  2. It would be great (obviously) to have the $’s to just do what you want to do to your 4wd, and be able to use it without lockdowns! Great build, the older rigs have a lot going for them

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