97% of customers renew with Club 4X4!

There are a multitude of quotes out there about living in the present, smelling the roses – you know the drift. But I couldn’t find one appropriate enough to have this article start the way I wanted it – guess I should stick to insurance right?

Well… there is LOT’s going on at Club 4X4 HQ at the moment. We are working on some monumental projects that will respond to the great feedback we’ve had from all of you; we’re planning some great activities and opportunities to get out touring with you all; and finally we are working on a competition that’s going to blow competitions from any other insurer out of the water – this will be in the form of prizes money can’t buy!!

So, going back to the original point – we’ve been head-down-bum-up working on all of these projects and one of our reporting team called out some amazing figures to us.

You see, our business turned 1 way back in October last year, which meant that we started sending out renewal offers to all of our customers. Whilst we’ve been keeping an eye on that, we were absolutely blown away to find that a whopping 97% of our customers were renewing with us! That’s right, only 3% of people chose not to renew!

As you may know, we regularly circulate testimonials from claimants and policyholders, we conduct our customer satisfaction surveys, but ultimately, what better way to prove that your customers are satisfied than the fact they choose to continue their policy!?

Obviously it would be unprofessional to talk about competitors. But, having been in this insurance game longer than I care to admit, I can say with authority this is a stellar number.

Thank you to the tens of thousands who have trusted us so far and to all of you that continue to show your trust and support by renewing.

Those roses smelt amazing, but it’s back to work for us. Stay tuned for what’s around the corner. It’s sure to be a big one!

Happy touring!


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