5 Ways to Manage the Cost of your Insurance

In the last few weeks we released some information about the adjustments to our underwriting criteria and it drove a range of questions on premiums from readers. We have long noted that as a specialist insurer with an unmatched product, we cannot and will not compete on premiums. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t ways for you as a consumer to adjust premiums should that be important to you. Here’s a few tips:

1) Sum insured – by now everyone should know how we value your vehicle. If not, have a read of this article. As we regularly insure 4X4’s for significant sums that include the modification and accessory values, there is always scope to reduce these values for a lower premium. Note also that the basic vehicle itself can be insured for a Market or Agreed value. 

2) Excess – the concept of a flexible excess has been around for some time. The idea is that in exchange for accepting to pay a higher excess in the event of a claim, you can get a lower premium. There are a number of levels that you can select so give us a call to discuss it more.

3) Multi-Policy discounts – Do you have more than one four wheel drive, or a Camper Trailer, Slide-on Camper or Caravan? Combine these items to get a 10% multi-policy discount on each additional policy you take out with us.

4) Training – Have you conducted any formal training for towing, or off-road driving? If the training you have undertaken qualifies, you can get up to 10% off your 4×4 or Caravan & Camper Trailer policy.

5)  Join a Club – we have a number of clubs affiliated with Club 4X4. If you’re a member of one of these clubs then you can get yourself a 5% discount on your policy, for the life of the policy. Plus, you get a chance to make some new mates and get out with like minded enthusiasts.

Lastly, shop around. Insurance is a consumer product just like a fridge, suspensions setup or tyres. There is a consistent need to ensure that what you get meets your needs and the only way to do that is to check the market for price and product offering. If you’re hunting the cheapest price, then there are plenty of budget insurers our there; but always be mindful of the fine print and what exactly you get for your dollar. We like to consider our product to be a premium one, packed full of valuable features and benefits – as such it will be priced accordingly. 

If there is any way we can help, please give us a call for a chat.

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  1. Under the training heading, would completion of Australian Army driver training count? This was a far more comprehensive course than your typical commercial offroad course, and covered off road driving including fording, recovery etc as well as trailer operation.

    If so, what information would you need? Does it matter how long ago the course was completed?

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  2. Like Daniel, 40 years accident free record driving heavy vehicles including b doubles and Roadtrains doesn’t qualify me for 10% discount but a Micky Mouse weekend tow course does? Makes no sense to me. There must be other in the same situation.

  3. How do I find out if my 4×4 club is affiliated with club4x4? Also, I have received my renewal and can’t find any reference to my previously advised 4×4 training discount.

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  4. Hi,

    Are the discounts cumulative? That is would the requisite training plus multi policy plus join a club give a 25% discount?

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  5. Do you have a list of affiliated clubs?
    What evidence of club membership to you require?
    Are both driver training and club discounts applied concurrently?

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      Hi John,

      If your club was affiliated, you would have a link on a club website to utilise to request a call back. This is how we confirm the individual is entitled to a discount.

      If your club is interested in partnering, have the relevant delegate contact us at partners@club4x4.com.au


  6. Ka;en, You say you will not and can not compete on premiums. The fact is you must and do.
    Your aim of providing insurance for 4wd users is laudable, but fraught with the problem of sky-high premiums and everyone looks at price.
    You argue that Club 4×4 gives coverage that other insurers do not. That is another way of saying that your premiums are better than other insurers for the same cover or that that level of cover is not available elsewhere for any premium. That is competing on premiums.
    I see the inherent problem of your premiums for the everyday/occassional 4wd user is that the risk profile you accept is higher due to the hardcore drivers/vehicles in your customer base.
    That makes the premiums you have to raise too high for lower risk the everyday/occassional 4wd user presents. The everyday/occassional 4wd user, of which I an one, undoubtedly comprise a huge segment of the 4wd insurance market.
    I do not deliberately put me or my vehicle in great harms way of hardcore 4wdriving, so have no need for the high premiums necessary to meet the high risk associated with that style of driving.
    When I sought a quote I did not understand that the quote I would get would be so high because Club 4×4 was covering for risks I would not be taking.
    I believe that the angst expressed by members complaining about premium increases is because they do not consider their risk level matches the services you offer and they can cover their risks adequately elsewhere for lower premiums.
    Old story of “horses for courses”, and unfortunately in my case your horse did and does not suit my course of usage conduct.
    The outcome of having premiums skewed by high risk customers is the loss of large numbers of low risk customers forcing premiums for those remaining ever higher.
    I wish you every success with Club 4×4 insurance it has a niche market.

  7. Apart from the high premiums which I am prepared to accept, how do you explain a $56 fee each time I make a tiny change to my policy? Every time I ring up to increase my cover due to a new accessory fitted, I get whacked with a $56 Policy Modification Fee. No other insurer charges such a high fee to make a change!

    1. Post


      Something is wrong here – we’ve have never, in the 3 years of the company, ever had a policy modification fee!

      Can you please send through your policy number to contactus@club4x4.com.au and attention the email to Kalen – outline what you’ve said above.

      I will have this investigated for you


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