Prepare for summer touring

5 Things To Do In Preparation For Summer Touring

The sun seems to be shining just that little bit differently of late. Spring has sprung and we are all starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel with lockdowns lifting. Some of us would have had our gear sitting around for months, so here is a short list of the things you should consider before hitting the road!

1. Service your fourby

Summer see’s us take our gear out in more challenging conditions – think beach driving and general a higher ambient temperature. Long stints on dirt in these conditions can put extra strain on components like cooling systems so it’s worthwhile making sure your fourby has had a good once over and ready to head remote.

2. Don’t forget your trailer too

It’s easy to neglect a trailer. Our Track Trailer Tvan gets an annuals service at a qualified workshop. If you can’t do that there are some basics you can keep an eye on particularly if it’s been packed away for some time, and it likely has with lockdowns. Make sure you open it up and ensure everything is working the way it should – focus on seals, electricals and make sure you check your wheel bearings to ensure no surprises during that trip you’ve been waiting ages for!

3. Book ahead!

It’s likely that most will be doing what you are. Lockdowns have meant a lot of pent-up enthusiasm – so if you’ve got a particular spot in mind, get on it as soon as possible. There will be a need to observe new conditions enforced as a result of the pandemic and public health orders, so do the right thing – it’s just better for everyone.

4. Come prepared

With the exodus expected from capital cities, there’s going to be inevitable strain on retail outlets and services along the way. I always like to stock up along the way to support the locals, but think of the basics you have to have and consider getting those bit before you go. 

5. Take your time!

Weve all been missing our travels and those nights around a fire. I’ve alluded to it a couple of times here, but everyone’s going to be feeling and doing the same. The roads will be much busier than we are used to and possibly busier than other Summer periods, so be kind to your fellow man and to the bush. The latter in particular – Tread Lightly is an ethos I and the rest of us here at Club 4X4 appreciate and live by. Treat the bush with respect and take your rubbish with you.

Happy Touring


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