Pat Callinan

5 minutes with Pat Callinan

Q: How did you get into 4WDing?  

I learned to drive on our cherry farm in a Suzuki LJ50. The first 4X4 I bought was a Series IIA Land Rover, and I was hooked from there. 

Q: How many 4X4’s have you owned?  

Umm, this is slightly embarrassing. About 30.

Q: What’s your favourite thing to do when you aren’t busy filming or wheeling for work?  

Travel to cold places out of tourist season with my family. See the Northern Lights, drive up glaciers – that sorta thing.  

Q: What’s your hidden talent?  

Singing. I’ve sung at the Opera House and in a few musicals, but not for a while! 

Q: What are you the worst at?  

Driving slowly. 

Q: What do you think has made Pat Callinan’s 4X4 Adventures so successful? 

Viewers always tell me they love the tips – how to winch, how to drive in strange situations. But I’d like to think they also love the way we keep on finding new and awesome spots. Our focus on our viewers is what really drives me, cause if they’re not happy or watching, then I’m unemployed! 

Q: Where haven’t you been yet, but are keen to explore? 

Bilbunya Dunes in W.A. They’re the tallest dunes in Australia, but I’ve not managed to conquer them yet (despite driving past their front door!) 

Q: Favourite 4X4 destination?  

Toss-up between Ningaloo Station in WA, and Tassie. But then, there’s the East Kimberley, Vic High Country – this question should be banned. 

Q: Most useful 4X4 accessory you’ve ever owned?  

It’s either the shovel or the fridge. 

Q: Least useful 4X4 accessory you’ve ever owned?  

Ground anchor for winching. Turned out to be a good plough though! 

Q: Most epic trip you’ve ever done and why?  

Finding the geographic centre of the Simpson Desert. Cross-country, no tracks and arrived at midnight.  

Q: What’s the best thing about being insured with Club 4X4?  

Knowing you’re actually covered. Accessories, glass cover, silly remote recoveries – the works burger. It’s not for everyone, but it’s definitely for me.  

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Comments 9

  1. Hi Pat,

    Good Q & A … well handled. I’m a lifelong Sandgroper who’s been around our State a bit … but the

    “Bilbunya Dunes” you mentioned has got me stumped. A short geographic lesson is what I need … could

    you help with that please?

    Best Regards Mike Howieson.

    1. G’day Mike, The Bilbunya Dunes are about 80km east of Cape Arid National Park between Point Lorenzen and Point Culver. They’re on the HEMA Explorer App (but don’t appear to be on the HEMA 4WD App). Spectacular coastal dune formations that make Lancelin look like a sandpit 😉

  2. Pat,
    I live in Kalgoorlie WA
    Im ready when you are to go to Point Culver, bilbunya Dunes and show you where the western end of the bite starts.
    Tell Bill the drone footage is fantastic.
    I just need a weeks notice for work.

    1. Thanks Waz, I’ll pass on your kind words to Bill. yep, he’s a demon on the drone. Surprised we haven’t lost them with the altitudes he often flies! And I’ll keep you in mind for our run west!
      Keep the shiny side up!

    1. Of course we will! It will be claimable under your Off Road Recovery Cover. Under this benefit we will refund you the costs of your recovery. A basic policy comes with $1500 worth, but for an extra fee, you can select $15,000 or $30,000 of coverage.



  3. Hi Pat,

    Good to see you have more on your bucket list to do that keeps you out and about showing some of the most fantastic places to visit in our wonder filled country. I off to the Kimberley in April, 23 day adventure, to see some the locations you have shown to be not missed. Be safe

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