2019 Suzuki Jimny Long-term Review

Article from: Unsealed 4X4

We have three months with the 2019 Suzuki Jimny to work out whether tiny-tot, retro-looking off-roader can cut it as a daily-driver and weekend warrior.

What are we testing? 2019 Suzuki Jimny (automatic)

Who’s running it? The whole team

Why are we running it? To find out just how far we can go with a stock Jimny

What it needs to do? It needs to be able to handle the daily commute, weekend work, off-road trips from the mountains to the desert and just about everything in between.

Suzuki Jimny 2019 Specifications

Price $25,490 (auto – as tested)Warranty three-years, 100,000 kilometres Safety 3-star ANCAP rating Engines 1.5-litre four-cylinder petrol Power 75kW at 6000rpm Torque 130Nm at 4000rpm Transmission five-speed manual Drive part-time 4WD with low range Dimensions 3645mm long (inc spare), 3480mm (exc spare) 1645mm high; 1720mm wide (mirrors included); 2250mm wheelbase Turning Circle 9.8m Ground Clearance 210mm claimed; 200mm (measured to bottom off diff pumpkin but control arms are lower at a measured 190mm) Angles 37-degrees approach, 28-degrees rampover, 49 degrees departure Wading depth 300mm Max braked towing 1300kg Max towball mass 75kg Fuel Tank 40 litres Thirst 6.4L/100km (manual)

WELCOME: You love the new Suzuki Jimny, and we love it too. In fact, anytime we post a video or an image of the Jimny, it goes absolutely mental on social media and YouTube. So we thought it was about time we try and live with the 2019 Suzuki Jimny for a longer period of time, to see how it performs as a daily driver/weekend explorer.

To that end, Suzuki has graciously handed us the keys to this Jungle Green Zook, with more than 6500km on the clock already. It’s an auto model as well, and we are keenly monitoring fuel consumption to see just how much more it uses compared to the manual. It only arrived this week, so we’ve had a chance to run it to and from work but that’s about it. It doesn’t feel super healthy and we’re thinking the air filter could be clogged, so, we’ll be checking that out first thing Monday morning. Stay tuned.

The most important thing now, is to see what you think we should do with it? Should we try to take it across the desert, or are you moe interested in seeing it do weekend camping trips or runs on the highway? Let us know what we should get up to in this amazing little vehicle. Stay tuned for regular updates, as we continue to see just what is capable in a stock standard 2019 Suzuki Jimny.

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Comments 5

  1. Be interested to read this one — but can a bigger fuel tank be fitted? 40lts – really? And is there a diesel model?

    Will be interested how it goes packing for a long weekend, with the fridge/freezer and other gear?

    Keep up the great work.

  2. I have looked at this vehicle in the flesh and although I love the styling, very practical for a 4×4 why couldn’t they just make it bigger for countries outside of Japan where you might have to drive hundreds or thousands of kilometres to get to the great spots as we do in Australia. At least make it with enough room behind the rear seats for a couple of suitcases and with a bigger engine or a turbo-diesel one. Once you start adding lift gear, roof racks, long-range fuel tanks, fridge freezer etc so you can get anywhere with enough supplies I suspect you will be over the GVM very quickly and the motor will be a bit asthmatic. It will be okay if there are only two of you not going far. At least it doesn’t cost a King’s ransom and is loaded up with unnecessary electronics like the new Defender.

  3. If you want it to be bigger then you are missing the point.
    At a maximum you could strap a couple of swags to the roof & whatever you can fit behind the seats is all you should need.
    Anything else is beyond the scope of the Suzuki’s design brief.
    Likewise a diesel isn’t required, but perhaps if they fitted the turbo from the Vitara it might have broader appeal.
    I’m sure one of the aftermarket Turbo pros will be onto it pretty soon.
    Don’t try to turn it into a land cruiser!

  4. I would be interested in seeing the Jimny in daily use, weekend adventures and going across the Simpson desert. Particularly staying within it legal weight limits if possible.

    I not that in a lot of the trips, we don’t hear about the weight limits unless you are towing a van or camper.

    I would like to see the Riggs that are being used fully loaded being weighed before they leave (at there heaviest). I suspect that many are not legally loaded and as such, not covered by insurance.

    In the case of the Jimny, I would be very interested if it could be legally loaded before it does a trip like the Simpson desert without relying on a support vehicle carrying things like its fuel.

    I hope it is possible. Go Jimny.

  5. Would be interested in how the auto goes? Took one for a test drive and my opinion was that it was underpowered. the auto kept jumping up and down gears when you hit mild hills

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