11 Tips For Buying A Used 4WD

Thinking of buying a used 4 wheel drive? Some 4 wheel drives have a much harder life than others, so you need to know the clues to find out the vehicles you may want to steer away from.

What are some of the things to think about in selecting the make and model of vehicle?  What is the best way to research the different models?

Is it better to buy a 4 wheel drive with lots of mods or should you look for one with no modifications?

Where are the places to buy a used 4WD?

You’ll find lots of great tips to help you make a better choice next time you upgrade your 4×4!

Especially important for used 4×4’s is some sort of vehicle insurance like RACV.  It is important to read the fine print – read this thread about what happened out at Talbotville for one unlikely 4×4 driver with RACV Total Care.

The picture for this episode is one of my old Maverick, which I loved.  Tip for newbies – old glass headlights that have been on all day and cold, cold water do not mix too well.  “Ooowww, my eye!”



This article was originally posted by 4X4 Earth.

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  1. Buying a used 4WD can be a daunting experience. We all work hard for our money and want to make sure our hard earned cash buys us our dream ride rather than an over priced lemon! So if you are in the market for a used 4WD this tips can be a big help.

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