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  1. Why am i only hearing the good stories??? Iam not at all happy with club 4 x 4 and a simply window claim has still not been paid back to me from well over 3 weeks ago.
    Then i had claim a small bingle and wanted copies of 10 year driving history, which i had to pay for. Copies if drivers licenses, of everyone on the policy what a huge pain in the ass.

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      Good Morning Matthew,

      We are awaiting your banking details to refund your payment.

      With reference to the license checks – this is simply standard process to ensure the data provided when the policy was taken is correct.

      Please feel free to send us your banking details to claims@club4x4.com.au and we will get to it ASAP.


  2. Lets get things straight 4wders. I’ve been hearing good things with club 4×4 time after time. It’s great to have them around I have no doubt about it. However, don’t jump the gun yet. The fact that some of us (or even a lot!) Have joined club 4×4 simply because we don’t have a choice so let’s be honest a bout it. I have not made a claim so I can’t comment on the claim process. However, I can say that after the first year, my insurance premium on the caravan had gone up 40% and the insurance on my 4wd had gone up 20%. On top of that, extra fees were introduced. $55 non-refundable policy fee on top of the premiums. Rang them up & got told club 4×4 is simply re-aligning their market pricing. My advice is to consider all your options and don’t jump the gun because of a few good reviews!

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      You are absolutely correct – you definitely should look at the rest of the market before you choose your insurer, every year, without fail.

      This is the only way that one can make a decision – the key will be price versus value. Our suggestion is to ensure you understand exactly what you get with different kinds of insurance products – then try to put a value on the extra’s you may get with one over the other.

      The same way you’d do when choosing the next mod on your car – which, ironically may not be covered from a value perspective should you total your rig on a track somewhere, depending on your insurer.

      Happy Touring


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