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  1. Joe davis

    After receiving my renewal I thought that is way to high. Went on line found club 4/4 got quote for 4/4 and caravan. Quote came in at least half of other insurer. No brainer I signed up.

  2. Jacob Sassine

    I too changed over from RAC who I’ve been super happy with. But I was in the exact same boat as I’m sure many are.
    At first RAC couldn’t understand why I was making the switch and paying $500 more per annum. After I ran them through why, they acknowledged it was a better option and as much as they wanted to keep my business, they just couldn’t compete.
    My rig is my pride, and I sleep (and travel) easier knowing that it’s not only covered to suit my purpose, but has the added benefits no other insurer can offer.

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      Really pleased to have you on board, and very thankful for the comments. In life you get what you pay for!



  3. christopher boorer

    I switched to Club 4×4 insurance because of the agreed value rather than market value and the insurance saved me $100 on my previous insurance policy and the coverage for claims i think out does just about any other insurance policy out there

    thanks Club4X4


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  4. John Garland

    I had the misfortune of having a vehicle collide with mine last month. Mine was eventually deemed to be a write-off and had only been insured with Club 4×4 for about 2 weeks. I can honestly say Kim from the company was prompt and efficient with my claim. I will be looking to insure with them again as soon as my other policy becomes due.

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